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CEP America Physician Leadership In Action
CEP America
Physician Leadership: Strong leadership for your emergency department and your hospital... Our leaders bring vision, passion and commitment to your emergency department, raising the bar and delivering results. Cultivating committed physician leaders is a signature practice of CEP America and is woven into the very essence of who we are. Our leaders take a big picture approach to addressing ...
Improving the Health of Hispanics Using Mobile Technology
This white paper is presented by HolaDoctor and 3Cinteractive. In this paper, we review the promise and potential of mobile-based technologies for overcoming barriers to accessing healthcare and improving the health of U.S. Hispanics. We start by providing a description of the U.S. Hispanic population, both in terms of their tremendous population and economic growth, as well as the ...
Reluctant family solo practitioner embraces MicroMD EMR, improves workflow and quality of care
Henry Schein MicroMD
“Now I see every lab, every X-ray, every consult note. With the EMR, it’s faster and easier to review a chart or enter a reminder for my assistant. I can access records from home when I get a call from the local ER. I feel like we’re absolutely able to deliver higher-quality care.” Stephen H. Mascio, D.O. Family Practitioner ORGANIZATION The family practice of Stephen H. Mascio, D.O., ...
Is Natural Language Processing the key to data-driven healthcare?
Is Natural Language Processing the key to data-driven healthcare? The need for clinical data has never been greater in health care. Data are needed to improve the quality of care, to meet Meaningful Use requirements, to prepare for the ICD-10 transition, to effectively manage cases, and to enable clinical research – all are data-driven. And as the shift to capitated payment models draws near and ...
Cloud Vs On-Site Security Myths
INetU, Inc.
Misperceptions about cloud security abilities and bad assumptions about how well an organization can truly protect its own information in-house have resulted in miscalculated risk assessments. It is time to rethink the delta between cloud and on-premises security. The closer you hold the data, the easier it is to protect it For a long time there have been those in the industry who believe that ...

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CEP America's Rapid Medical Evaluation® (RME) CEP America Optimize emergency medicine efficiency with CEP America's proprietary Rapid Medical Evaluation®. The goal of RME is to: Improve ER patient flow, bring ...
OneKey Digital - Introduction SK&A, A Cegedim Company Social media is here to stay. OneKey Digital tracks physicians' social media presence, social media activity and associations across digital channels to ...

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