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Losing just 5 patients per day can cost your hospital millions
CEP America
Left Without Being Seen (LWBS): When the time it takes for a patient to be seen by a physician is high, patient satisfaction scores are usually low. Dissatisfied patients do not recommend the ED to their family and friends and are responsible for an increased number of malpractice suits. The financial implications of these metrics are significant. Our calculations are based on information from ...
Is Natural Language Processing the key to data-driven healthcare?
Is Natural Language Processing the key to data-driven healthcare? The need for clinical data has never been greater in health care. Data are needed to improve the quality of care, to meet Meaningful Use requirements, to prepare for the ICD-10 transition, to effectively manage cases, and to enable clinical research – all are data-driven. And as the shift to capitated payment models draws near and ...
The Adventures of Moving to the Cloud
INetU, Inc.
You thought that moving to the cloud was a walk in the park, the reality is that it's a jungle out there. The survey results clearly show choosing the right provider to properly plan, deploy and manage your Cloud services is critical to success.” — Jeffrey Kaplan, Managing Director, THINKstrategies Getting the design right up front can be key to avoiding project delays, re-engineering and cost ...
Physician Access
SK&A, A Cegedim Company
U.S. Physicians' Availability to See Pharmaceutical Company Sales Representatives. Statistical report reveals "see and no-see" physicians and their appointment requirements for visits by industry sales professionals. Data is segmented by Practice Specialty, by State and Region; by Office Size; by Practice Size; by Daily Patient Volume; and by Practice Ownership. Updated 2012.
Vaccine Temperature Monitoring
Tutela Monitoring Systems
ABC News recently reported (June 6 2012) that a new investigation by the Department of Health and Human Services' Office of the Inspector General (HHS OIG) found that many providers of immunizations don't store the vaccines at proper temperatures, potentially rendering them ineffective and placing children at risk for contracting serious diseases. Inspectors visited the offices of 45 providers in ...

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CEP America's Rapid Medical Evaluation® (RME) CEP America Optimize emergency medicine efficiency with CEP America's proprietary Rapid Medical Evaluation®. The goal of RME is to: Improve ER patient flow, bring ...
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Master Bond Company
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