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ED National Benchmarks and Snapshot of high performing EDs
CEP America
National benchmarks for ED performance are reported in numerous ways and are often difficult to find, are several years out of date, or can’t easily be compared. This information represents an analysis conducted on data published by a number of sources including the National Healthcare Ambulatory Care Survey (CDC, 2010), the Press Ganey National Report (2010), Premier Consulting (2009), ...
ICD-10 Impact and Benefits
AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions or AHS
Who is impacted by ICD-10? - Physician Documentation - Physician Orders - Practice Financials - Coders - Billers and Billing Companies - Insurance Carriers 05 ICD-10 Impacts: - Physicians - Coders - Billers/billing companies - Payers Planning Now will prevent issues next year. ICD-10 benefits will be substantial in the longer term.
Case Study: Orthopaedic EMR
ChartLogic, Inc.
Reconstructive Hand Surgeons of Indiana recognized the need early on to implement an EMR and digital imaging. The practice realized enormous benefits immediately and recouped its investment within two years.‘‘ChartLogic had the finest voice-recognition module, which was integrated into the EMR, so that voice could be incorporated in the record at any time without needing to cut and paste,’ said ...
Discrete Dictation Improves Clinical Work Flow
The healthcare industry is working aggressively to embrace the Electronic Health Record (EHR). Monetary incentives abound for those who embrace the technologies that promise to improve the quality of patient care, reduce errors and, hopefully, reduce costs along the way. The financial impacts, promoted weekly on Capitol Hill as a key initiative in righting the ship that is sinking our healthcare ...
Kofax Medical Claims Infographic
Kofax Ltd
This medical claims automation solution info-graphic is an insightful resource that provides a snapshot of the challenges facing medical claims processing, including recent changes to claims forms that make it too expensive to upgrade existing systems, and how Kofax addresses these challenges.

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CEP America's Rapid Medical Evaluation® (RME) CEP America Optimize emergency medicine efficiency with CEP America's proprietary Rapid Medical Evaluation®. The goal of RME is to: Improve ER patient flow, bring ...
Henry Schein MicroMD EMR Video Henry Schein MicroMD View how Henry Schein MicroMD builds simple yet powerful Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software and automation tools with provider needs in mind. ...

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