The Insides Company CEO Garth Sutherland Named One of Top 50 Health Tech CEOs of 2022

Garth Sutherland, CEO of The Insides Company, has been announced as one of the Top 50 Health Technology CEOs of 2022, by The Health Technology Report.

The Insides Company is a leading provider of gastrointestinal medical devices for patients with severe intestinal failure.

The company’s flagship product, The Insides System, allows patients to restart oral nutrition and return home sooner from hospital. The Insides system is now used in many leading specialist hospitals treating patients with severe intestinal failure. In 2021, the product won gold at the Medical Design Excellence Awards. The company is on track for its Series B funding scheduled for 2023.

In addition to The Insides Company, Sutherland is an advisor to the HealthTech Activator service, a government initiative to help build capacity within the HealthTech sector. He also advises a number of start-up healthcare companies on a
#GiveFirst base. Prior to The Insides Company, Sutherland founded and grew digital therapy company Adherium until its IPO.

Each year, The Health Technology Report announces a list that includes a wide range of some of the health technology industry’s most accomplished executives who have led their companies to advance and revolutionize healthcare solutions, the cutting edge of innovations in patient experience and software platforms, medical devices, therapeutics and other areas.

In response to this recognition, Sutherland said, “I am sincerely grateful to everyone in my career who has helped me reach the Top 50 list.
Health Tech CEO of 2022. This award is recognition of the great teams I work with.”

About The Inside Company

The Insides Company is a leading designer and manufacturer of chyme reinfusion solutions specifically designed for patients with severe intestinal failure. The company’s devices demonstrate significant improvements in clinical and economic outcomes for patients requiring bowel rehabilitation.

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