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Today, both patients and payers expect more from hospitals, in particular higher care quality along with greater cost efficiency.
Meeting these new market realities requires navigating multiple strategic issues, including attracting and retaining the most qualified care givers and effectively utilizing scarce resources while improving patient safety. With tighter budgets and ever-increasing capital needs, hospital executives are forced to make tough decisions on where to invest. Not surprisingly, many are now choosing to focus on critical care, where even a modest investment can result in tremendous improvements in outcomes and financial performance.

Outside the ICU, other hospital areas have seen significant benefit from implementing clinical information systems. In the critical care domain, clinical information systems are not only beneficial, but essential. They collect patient information generated from disparate sources, and arm providers with timely, accurate, actionable information. By combining this data with rule-based decision support, clinical staff can react prospectively to deteriorations in patient condition, deviations from protocol, and other gaps-in-care, thereby reducing cost-per-case and improving care quality.

Unfortunately, the unique needs of critical care- its complex workflows, its highly-collaborative patient management model, its minute-by-minute data streams, and other confounding factors combine to make ICU automation dauning. However, there is now a solution: this white paper explores how hospitals across the globe have seen tremendous gains through critical care automation using iMDsoft’s MetaVision.
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