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Customers are often faced with a bewildering array of options when trying to choose the most suitable data acquisition system for their specific application. Following is a brief comparison of specifications and capabilities between the Delphin Expert Key 100C and 100L USB/Ethernet, the latest generation of data acquisition equipment from Delphin Industries, and the NI-USB-6363, a multifunction data acquisition device in the X-series from National Instruments.

Delphin's Expert Key Type 100C and 100L come standard with a wide range of analog inputs and outputs which are commonly used in test engineering applications. Type 200C and 200L have 28 universal inputs and are intended primarily for analog data acquisition needs. The 100-200C are available in a panel mount enclosure, while the 100-200L are housed in a portable/bench top enclosure.

The National Instruments NI-USB-6363's timing and synchronization technology offers users advanced timing features, including independent analog and digital timing engines, retriggerable measurement tasks, and four counter/timers for increased functionality over past models. Housed in a redesigned mechanical enclosure, the NI also features a multicore-optimized driver and application software.

However, across many elements, the NI system has a much lower specification. The Expert Key has higher digital max input and output ranges at +-50 volts each against the NI's 0-5 volt ranges, and offers many more (28 vs. the NI's 16) isolated and differential inputs with higher 18-bit (vs. the NI's 16-bit) resolution - a difference which many users consider to be crucial to their applications. Equally importantly, the Delphin models' sensor connections are more flexible, accommodating a greater variety of sensor types. The Expert Key has universal inputs for Volt, TC, mA, RTD, and Ohm measurement, whereas the NI only supports Volt measurement. The NI has less hardware functions; in contrast, the Expert Key offers PWM output for engine speed control functions as well as galvanic isolation.
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