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Teleradiology Services, LLC  Teleradiology Services LLC provides Radiology Services to Imaging Centers all across the nation. We provide a completely web based HIPPA compliant RIS system and Central PACS server system to connect Radiologists to...
NexxRad Teleradiology Partners  NexxRad Teleradiology Partners a Professional Teleradiology Services – Nighthawk – Dayhawk - On line Radiology - ABR – 100% US Based – Prelims - Finals – Subspecialty – Affordable, Accurate, Timely Reports, 24/7/365...
Dayhawk Teleradiology Coverage Our premium teleradiology service is provided by a team of experienced U.S. trained, U.S. based, U.S. board-certified radiologists, who deliver typed...
Nighthawk Teleradiology Coverage Our premium teleradiology service is provided by a team of experienced U.S. trained, U.S. based, U.S. board-certified radiologists, who deliver typed...
Imaging On Call  Imaging On Call is a Teleradiology provider, IOC provides Teleradiology Solutions packages for Nighthawk Teleradiology Services.
Daytime Teleradiology Imaging On Call’s daytime teleradiology solutions are designed to specifically meet your facility’s individual dayhawk teleradiology needs… from covering a...
Stroke Protocol Workflow Coordinators work quickly to ensure the best care for each patient and maintain an average turnaround time of less than 10 minutes for Stroke...
Excalibur Healthcare, PA  Excalibur Healthcare provides teleradiology services, medical imaging consulting, nighthawk radiology, day coverage radiology and on-call radiology as well as customized telehealth solutions.
CONSULTING Diagnostic medical imaging can be a quantitative and qualitative measure for the evaluation of clinical efficacy of new pharmaceutical and biotechnology...
TELERADIOLOGY Excalibur Healthcare, PA is dedicated to providing excellence in virtual, on-call teleradiology services and teleradiology solutions. We provide nighthawk...
Teleradiology Solutions.  Teleradiology Solutions is rated No 1 National Teleradiology provider in USA & Best in KLAS. It provides teleradiology around 150 hospitals around the globe, develops cloud based radiology workflow software- RADSpa,...
3D Lab At Teleradiology Solutions we have powerful state of the art workstations that provide uncompromising image quality with smoother and faster workflow. Our...
Clinical Trials Radiology The duration of a drug development cycle can be significantly prolonged by radiologic reporting delays. Teleradiology Solutions offers pharmaceutical...
Direct Diagnostic Alliance  Provider of teleradiology subspeciality reporting services covering neuroradiology body imaging and MSK.
Study Overflow Solutions  Teleradiology services for all of your remote imaging, PACS, RIS, and other teleradiology needs by Study Overflow Solutions. We also offer EMR hosting.
Aris Teleradiology  Aris Teleradiology is an innovative partnership between Summa Health System and Akron Radiology, Inc. The partnership is built on a shared passion for delivering high quality healthcare to patients, physicians, and the...
TeamHealth Teleradiology  In 1991, TeamHealth Teleradiology began providing centralized radiology coverage and expertise in MRI and CT interpretations for rural physicians who lacked access to or experience in these modalities. The group provided...
Automatic routing Automatic routing assures rapid delivery of image studies to the interpreting physician. Automatic fail-over routing accommodates brief or unplanned...
Multiple telecommunications Multiple telecommunications providers deliver redundant and transparent connectivity to client facilities and, if communication issues do arise, quickly...
Specialty Teleradiology Inc.  Skilled radiologists are available to fill your diagnostic needs from the simplicity of plain films to the complexity of PET. Accomplished, capable PET specialists are in short supply across the country today. The...
PET Our professional staff has years of experience in oncologic, neurologic, and cardiac PET applications. PET studies are a critical part of a cancer patient's...
American Radiology Solutions  American Radiology Solutions, a division of American Radiology Services, Inc., has been providing teleradiology services since 1993.American Radiology Solutions understands the need to perform as an extension of your...
Teleradiology services American Radiology Solutions, a division of American Radiology Services, Inc., has been providing teleradiology services since 1993. The radiologists work...
ONRAD Inc  ONRAD is a physician-owned full service radiology company. As a partner, ONRAD can complement and expand the services already in place with the local radiology group, or provide a more comprehensive solution that...
Critical Access ONRAD can customize a solution to meet the needs of any critical access facility. An onsite radiologist will be available to supervise procedures, read...
Orthopedic Subspecialty Teleradiology Orthopedic Subspecialty Teleradiology Services are provided by experienced fellowship trained Musculoskeletal, Body Imaging, MRI, and Ultrasound...
TeleDiagnosys Services Pvt Ltd  TeleDiagnosys is a pioneering and premier provider of offsite Teleradiology Services from experienced and eminent doctors with fast turnaround times. It partners with diagnostic centers, individual radiologists,...
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Teleradiology Services - Product Reviews

For physicians in rural areas, radiology services can be time consuming and taxing. Teleradiology services offer relief, but not without some considerations

In many remote health centers, there are not enough resources to have a permanent on-call radiologist to interpret test results. This can leave patients anxious ridden waiting for results. Fortunately, teleradiology offers a solution to this dilemma. Contracting with a teleradiology company allows health providers more time to devote to direct patient care, decrease the number of hours they work onsite and increases the speed that results are released.

A word of caution about teleradiology should be mentioned, however. Recent studies have found a small percentage of discrepancies based on teleradiology misinterpretation of read results. Major discrepancies in interpretations by teleradiologists and in-house radiologists occur in approximately 6% of commonly ordered CT scans, according to a new paper by The University of California, San Francisco-Fresno. The take-away from this study points to facilities closely examining any teleradiology company they are contracted with to ensure that the on-call radiologist are US Board certified and accredited. One study suggests that random checks are made on result reports to make sure that the teleradiologist is accurate.

Best-in-Class Teleradiology Services:

  • Web-based architecture allowing web deployment of reporting interface without need of additional hardware requirements at reading site.
  • System is able to incorporate security and encryption of DICOM data as per ACR and ESR guidelines.
  • The reporting radiologist should be subject to the same qualification requirements that apply to radiologists located in the home country of the patient.

Top Considerations before buying Teleradiology Services:
While outsourcing images to on call radiologists alleviates late night calls, and transportation to multiple locations, research is finding discrepancies in remote diagnoses. Look for contracted companies that are reputable and consistent in reporting utilizing Board certified radiologists. Foreign-based and -trained physicians may not have adequate malpractice coverage, or they may actually be unlicensed providers.

Key Providers:
1. Imaging On Call Information Teleradiology Workflow supports providers with real people 24/7. The flow begins with providers submitting images to a workflow coordinator who ensures that documentation is complete before contracting with the appropriate radiologist, who submits reports or phones in any critical findings. All reporting is done through a secure channel. Imaging On Call employs Board certified, fellowship trained radiologists that are skilled in all imaging modalities and have a wide variety of subspecialties.

2. To combat the ever growing shortage of radiologists, Exacalibur offers Nighthawk radiology services which utilizes teleradiology technology so that patients may have quick diagnostic imaging interpretation without requiring an on-site radiologist. Excalibur offers board certified American trained and based diagnostic radiologists to assist you. 

3. Based on the military’s idea of “watches” or “periods of duty” Eagle Eye’s teleradiology services include a variety of applications to assist your radiologists during all hours. Features include, but are not limited to, 24/7/365 call coverage, a personalized solution for interpreting backlogged studies, in-depth subspecialty and consultation services. Diagnostic reports are delivered in a timely manner, appearing in the doctor’s hands by 8:00am the next business day. Transfer of records occurs in a secure transmission that exceeds all HIPAA requirements. Eagle Eye has partnered with AGFA to build a web-based technology solution that is powered by IMPAX 6.3 PACS with voice-integrated dictation.

4. Consider teleradiology contracts with NightShift Radiology, a comprehensive on-line solution to the shortage of radiologists. A U.S. based Board certified team will assist your facility in interpretation of patient imagery. Once transmissions are passed through a highly secure HIPAA regulated VPN, the NightShift team works to deliver preliminary and final interpretations as quickly as possible. Typed reports are usually delivered in 20 minutes or less on average. NightShift provides doctors with a dedicated, toll-free phone and fax line routed directly to the radiologist assigned to your facility.

Teleradiology Services
Definition: Teleradiology services link standard network technologies over the local area network (LAN) using highly specialized software to transmit the images to outsourced and contracted Radiologists to effectively analyze images from remote locations.


Teleradiology Services Research Library

Teleradiology Solutions. Document
Teleradiology Solutions.
Teleradiology Solutions achieves “2011 Best in KLAS Awards: Software and Services” Rating based on 18,000 interviews with healthcare providers. Customer satisfaction is the key element in achieving the award. Bangalore, India, Dec.19, 2011: Teleradiology Solutions (TRS) has achieved a monumental success by achieving “2011 Best in KLAS Award” for Teleradiology Services in its “2011 Best in KLAS ...
6 Keys to Selecting a World-Class Teleradiology Provider
Imaging On Call
Abstract On April 25, 2009, Imaging On Call (IOC), a full-service teleradiology provider based in Poughkeepsie, New York, read its one millionth study since its inception in 2002. An analysis of these studies provides an opportunity to examine the teleradiology industry in today's market and to make some predictions as to where the industry might be headed. Introduction As observed by national ...
Specialized Software can help Teleradiology Practices Improve
Musculoskeletal Imaging Consultants
Specialized software can help teleradiology practices improve MEDICINE FACES DAUNTING CHALLENGES IN THE SHAPE of dramatic cuts in physician compensation, rising clinical demands and practice costs, and impending shortages to physician manpower. During the past decade there have been a series of incremental reductions in physician compensation rates, including the recent 21 percent cut in ...
Quality Assurance Isn't Anything New
NexxRad Teleradiology Partners
For decades, radiology practices, hospitals, emergency departments and trauma centers have relied on supplemental coverage when their staff physicians are not available. Traditionally, these mission-critical services have been provided by radiologists who “moonlight” in order to provide ‘on-call’ coverage. Learn more about one company that provides quality assurance as a key element of their ...
Trends and Insights Into Orthopedic Teleradiology: Q&A With Radiologist Douglas Smith
Musculoskeletal Imaging Consultants
Trends and Insights Into Orthopedic Teleradiology: Q&A With Radiologist Douglas Smith Written by Renee Tomcanin | June 16, 2010 | More Tags: Douglas Smith | orthopedic | orthopedic teleradiology | practice | radiology | spine Douglas Smith, MD, is the founder and owner of Musculoskeletal Imaging Consultants, a national teleradiology company specializing in musculoskeletal imaging. Dr. Smith ...

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