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Records One  Records One is a developer of technology that aids in the creation and use of clinical documentation to improve efficiency throughout the continuum of care.
RecordsOne Structured Data for Meaningful Use available now!
RecordsOneMobile Mobile dictation using your ADT info, for Free!
BayScribe  BayScribe is an end-to-end, fault-tolerant Clinical Documentation Solution, complete with Natural Language Processing for Coding & CDI, plus Dictation, Transcription, Speech Recognition & Document delivery for all your...
BayScribe Structured Data for Meaningful Use available now!
BayScribe Mobile Mobile dictation using your ADT info, for Free!
Medical Transcription Services  Welcome to Medical Transcription Services, Inc., a leader in providing quality medical transcription and medical record solutions since 1989 from our administrative headquarters office in Green Bay, WI. Since our...
Medical Transcription Service Providing services of the highest professional standard utilizing an infrastructure of a stellar administrative and operational team. We provide each...
Medical Transcription Service.  MTS transcriptionists and managers are trained in HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) requirements for patient record privacy and confidentiality. MTS processes and services are...
Clinic Managers Medical clinics present their own set of transcription requirements-a)Clinics - particularly specialty clinics -- can generate complex medical...
Hospitals Hospitals work around the clock, so MTS offers experienced transcriptionists any time of the day or night.# Emergency-room physicians have to make...
A&W Medical Transcription Service  A & W Medical Transcription Service is a small business specializing in quality, professional, dependable medical transcription in which we provide our services to various medical practices all over the Nation.The company...
Medical Transcription A & W Medical Transcription Service will provide an outstanding network of qualified medical transcriptionists whose extensive experience insures quality,...
MTS Transcription Services  MTS Transcription Services (MTS), a medical transcription service company offering hospitals, outpatient clinics, physicians and health care facilities of all specialties and sizes across US and Canada with quality...
Spectra Medi  SpectraMedi was founded in 1999 to provide superior medical transcription services with innovative, efficient, and complete solutions from dictation capture to document distribution and storage.
Brainstorm  Our medical transcription services clients rate us as an economical, yet a quality-focused transcription service provider. In order to get a quote on our rates, please fill out our Quick Inquiry Form and one of our team...
Global Medical Transcription, LLC  Global Medical Transcription Company provides HIPAA compliant medical transcription services and EMR to physican practices in the United States.
Medical Transcription Services When dictating via recorder, it is as simple as connecting to a computer and watching as the files are automatically encrypted and electronically sent to...
Oracle Transcription Inc  Oracle Transcription, Inc. is a 100% US based medical transcription company with over 14 years of experience, our medical transcription and dictation services have been successful in customers of all sizes.
GMR Medical Transcription  GMR Medical Transcription provides accurate, affordable, secure and prompt transcription of your voice files of any format backed by our extensive knowledge in the field of transcription.
Cardiology Transcription Our team has expertise in the transcription of various cardiology reports, including operative, emergency room reports, and patient discharge summaries. We...
Dental Transcription The dental transcription reports we transcribe include general hospital dentistry, along with subspecialties of dental medicine, such as oral pathology,...
Outsource Strategies International  OSI: Medical billing company does Medical billing services Outsourcing, Medical Coding, Medical Transcription Services, Medical website design and SEO.
Medical Transcription At Outsource Strategies International (OSI), an experienced medical transcription company in the US, we offer a full range of medical transcription...
MedTS  At Medical Transcription Services, Inc., our work is produced on site at our headquarters in Troy, MI. We do not subcontract our customer's work to other services or individuals as many services do. Our transcriptionists...
Medical Transcription Services At Medical Transcription Services, Inc., our work is produced on site at our headquarters in Troy, MI. We do not subcontract our customer's work to other...
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Medical Transcription Services - Product Reviews

Innovative language processing software translates to greater accuracy and words of praise for its innovators
Electronic health records (EHR) are becoming the rage but some doctors have not been convinced that the current EHR templates are flexible enough to “record the full range of symptoms and ‘observed signs’ that doctors generally rely on for their diagnoses.” Dr. Al Davis goes on to say in HITECHWatch that software designers need to “work out a way for experienced clinicians to be able to commit to the record the sometimes subtle thought processes and observations that lead to their diagnoses, while maintaining enough control and/or discipline over the input to allow the potential of data aggregation to be realized.”

Medical transcription is the answer to this challenge may come from the strategic partnership. BayScribe recently entered into with NLP International to develop applications for its MedLEE™ Natural Language Processing (NLP) software which can turn dictated medical narratives into accurate and easily accessible electronic data.

Steven Bonney, V.P. of Business Development at BayScribe says that “Dictation and Transcription isn’t dying; it’s evolving,” and "We believe that the physician narrative will continue to be the preferred method of documenting patient encounters for some time because it's quick, easy and supports a thorough analysis. It's our obligation to bring this difference-making technology to Healthcare facilities, directly or indirectly, through NLP International's platform-neutral portal.”

Best-in-Class Medical Transcription Services Providers:

  • Accurately transcribes patient information like name, medical record and social security number
  • Consults references for clarification of medical procedures and terminology
  • Performs quality assurance checks

Top Considerations Before Selecting Medical Transcription Services Provider:

Providers who employ professional transcribers should have an independent editor perform quality assurance on the final product. With electronic systems, top considerations include the use of an inclusive reference dictionary that contains both acronyms and synonyms. Don’t be put off by fears that electronic medical transcription service training will tie up your employees for a long time. "Speech recognition" and "dictation" systems are not the same thing. While the former requires a long training period, the commercial speaker-dependent dictation systems have only a short training period, often referred to as the “enrollment.”

Key Providers:

1. BayScribe reports that it has “the world's first and only High Availability Dictation & Reporting Solution.” Bayscribe's innovative use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) enables medical providers to continue to dictate their clinical narratives without having to spend money on a new system, login to a separate system, type in a text box or use a telephone. Services offered include: BayScribe License which provides dictation, transcription and document delivery in one web-based application, and has upgrades, service and support; BayScribe Mobile for handheld dictation; and BayScribe Performance for information and architectural overview. Deploying BayScribe on the BayScribe Virtual Appliance on VMware's ESX Server maximizes redundancy, scalability and disaster recovery. This service is available as a monthly license. Headquarters are in Edgewater, Maryland.

2. Promantra Synergy Solutions’ GeroProTM is a complete Healthcare Information suite that manages: Administration of Patient Billing, Accounts Receivables, Account Payables, Patient Demographics and Face sheets, Resident Trust Funds & MDS, Care Plan, General Ledger, Resident Charting, Payroll, and Pharmacy. GeroProTM’s website acts as an Online Documentation reference and Helpdesk. Promantra’s custom software solution Proscribe, which can be integrated with the client's existing system, tracks jobs from when they are received until they are delivered back to the customer. This business processing outsourcing (BPO) company has years of experience with using the guidelines of the American Association of Medical Transcription (AAMT) in its medical transcriptions services. Promantra is headquartered in Piscataway, NJ and has regional offices in Idaho and California.

3. Medical Transcription Service, Inc.'s web-based solution WebChartMD enables dictation either directly into Olympus and Philips digital recorders or toll-free over the telephone. These audio files are encrypted, uploaded and routed directly to the care provider's medical technicians and then the files and summary demographics for each document are posted on secure on-line accounts. Providers can access their accounts to edit, print, search, sort, e-sign, e-fax, mark dictations as STAT and archive or reject files. The company reports that with its services there are “no servers to buy or networks to configure, and Medical Transcription Services has no training costs, start-up fees, maintenance contracts, or software licensing fees.”

4. Beep Tech offers medical transcription services for healthcare service providers, including inbound and outbound customer contact and medical billing services. Beep Tech's global network of transcription resources, which are managed by an advanced internet based workflow monitoring system, can quickly and accurately accommodate lengthy lines of transcription. This full service Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service provider reports that its "technology driven services deliver BPO, outsourcing and call center facilities to more than 170 customers in 18 countries." This BPO was started in Faisalabad, Pakistan in 2008.

Medical Transcription Services
Definition: Medical transcription (MT) is a health profession that deals with the process of converting voice-recorded data to another format.


Medical Transcription Services Research Library

BayScribe: Savings and Control
BayScribe is a Clinical Documentation System that is provided to healthcare facilities as a service – Software as a Service – relieving facilities of the financial burden to purchase expensive hardware to support Clinical Documentation. There are three key areas of benefit to the facility: Cost, Control and Performance. The focus of this White Paper is Cost and Control and the areas of ...
Just My Type Transcription Services
Just My Type Transcription
A dictation/transcription solution that saves your facility time and money Our suite of applications provides medical facilities with a HIPAA-compliant, flexible, seamless and cost-efficient web-based solution for fully managing the dictation and transcription data delivery and storage process. Our system is used by more than 2,600 medical facilities throughout the United States and a network of ...
EMRs and Dictation
Just My Type Transcription
A winning combination that makes the most of your EMR while making the most of your physicians' time. Electronic medical records (EMRs) aim to improve patient care and reduce costs while complying with Meaningful Use guidelines. However, most EMRs require doctors to enter patient data directly into the computer system, oftentimes causing a drop in physician productivity and, consequently, ...
Speech Understanding Technology
Just My Type Transcription
Maintaining physician productivity and improving medical report quality — all while decreasing costs ShadowScribe uses M*Modal speech understanding technology to capture dictation and convert it into a structured and encoded transcription. ShadowScribe can requires no change in physician behavior, yet improves production time, reduces per line labor costs, and improves the quality and ...
EMR Integration
Just My Type Transcription
Populate EMRs Automatically, Using Dictation Emdat’s DaRT™ (Discrete Accurate Reportable Transcription) offers medical facilities an electronic medical record (EMR) implementation approach that minimizes operational change and completely eliminates physician productivity loss. Physicians continue to dictate Emdat’s DaRT tags transcription content (Eg. Chief Complaint, Medical History, Family ...

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