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Imaging Biometrics, LLC  perfusion, diffusion, difference, DSC, DCE, ADC, DWI, PWI, registration, FTB, fractional tumor burden, advanced visualization, post-processing, FDA cleared
IB DCE Extended Tofts, Tofts, and Patlak Models
IB Diffusion Generates ADC Maps from DWI datasets
Medical Imaging Resources   Medical Imaging Resources offers mobile and fixed medical imaging solutions in all diagnostic imaging modalities, including MRI, CT, Cath/Angio, PET, PET/CT, Nuclear/SPECT, R/F, Ultrasound, C-arms and women’s health...
Mobile Philips Achieva Quasar 3.0T MRI Imaging Excellence in a Mobile Environment Our mobile 3 Tesla MRI system offers the exact performance of a fixed, in-house system, but without the large...
Mobile Philips Intera 1.5T MRI The Philips NT Intera 1.5 Tesla MRI features an ultra-compact, short-bore, actively shielded magnet. The NT Intera 1.5 delivers unsurpassed homogeneity...
Atlantis Worldwide, LLC  Atlantis Worldwide is the primary provider of refurbished imaging equipment. Our experienced staff can provide you with the highest quality refurbished MRI, C arms, used CT scanners, so that you can make the best possible...
MagnaServ  MagnaServ Enterprises Inc. was formed in 2000 and within ten years has become the largest independent service organization (ISO) focused on MRI & CT in the United States. Led by CEO Len Spooner and President & COO Gregg...
Metrolab Technology SA  World leader for high precision measurement and mapping of strong magnetic fields: NMR precision teslameters, 3-axis Hall magnetometers, high-speed integrators, calibration magnets.
NMR Magnetic Field Camera A multi-probe NMR Teslameter used by all major Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) manufacturers to map and shim the primary magnet. Up to 32 probes; 0.1 mm...
Three-axis Hall Magnetometer An ultra-compact, easy to use USB instrument, and a high-quality "gaussmeter" that simultaneously measures all 3 components of the magnetic field. As the...
Prism Clinical Imaging, Inc.  Prism Clinical Imaging - medical imaging software & services - clinical fMRI, diffusion MR (DTI, tractography), perfusion MR (ASL, DSC), MRS, PET - for brain mapping, treatment planning and follow-up in brain tumors,...
Prism Acquire® Prism Acquire® is the acquisition tool of Prism’s FDA-cleared advanced imaging suite, designed particularly to enhance the clinical fMRI (functional MRI)...
Prism Process® Prism Process® is the post-processing facility of Prism’s FDA-cleared advanced imaging suite. Multi-parameter, multi-modality anatomical, functional, and...
Bruker BioSpin Corporation  Bruker BioSpin - the One source for eight imaging modalities: MRI, PET, SPECT, CT, X-ray, optical (fluorescence, luminescence), and radio-isotopic.
Ava  MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is a revolutionary technology that combines a powerful magnet, radio waves and advanced computers to produce extremely detailed images without side effects. During MRI scan, your body’s...
OPEN MRI MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is a revolutionary technology that combines a powerful magnet, radio waves and advanced computers to produce extremely...
Musculoskeletal Imaging Consultants  Teleradiology, MIPPA accreditation,Sports imaging, Spine MRI, Pain management, Body imaging, Neuroradiology, Hand surgery, MSK, Elite Imaging
Body Imaging Body Imaging – Teleradiology Service Solutions Body imaging teleradiology services are provided as part of MSKIC’s full service commitment, although body...
Elite Athlete Imaging Are you an injured athlete? Do you have an injury and are not sure if it is serious? Should you ignore it, play through it, have surgery, consider...
Radiology Oncology Systems  Radiology Oncology Systems was formed in 1997 with the goal of providing radiation oncology and diagnostic imaging facilities around the world with quality, cost-effective solutions for their equipment needs.
Used MRI Systems ROS's knowledgeable project team will work with you from the onset to ensure your refurbished MRI exceeds your expectations. From equipment selection, to...
Advanced Telemed Services  Subspecialty Teleradiology MRI, CT, XRAY, Ultrasound, Echo, Mammography reading services with 24/7 PACS service and support with automated reports notifications.
Agilent   The premier measurement company -- advancing electronics, communications, life sciences and chemical analysis.
GeneSpring GX This product is used for expression data analysis. It seamlessly interfaces with GeneSpring GX Workgroup2 to provide a highly scalable platform for...
Appniqon Technologies Pvt Ltd  Appniqon Technologies Private Limited is a Healthcare IT Software Solutions Company. Appniq specializes in Advanced Medical Diagnostic Imaging Software Solution.
AppniqMD Medical Imaging Software Solution
AppniqMD Cloud Medical Imaging Software On Cloud
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Magentic Resonance Imaging Research Library

Use of Antibodies In Small Animal Molecular Imaging
Bruker BioSpin Corporation
In vivo imaging, whether at the cellular or whole-animal level, promised to revolutionize preclinical and clinical biological and bioengineering research. By conducting longitudinal studies, the natural course of a disease or the experimental model can be monitored. Imaging modalities (such as X-ray, CT, MRI, optical, and ultrasound imaging) yield valuable information about changes in the anatomy ...
In-Vivo Optical Imaging of Prostate Tumors In Lobund-Wistar Rats
Bruker BioSpin Corporation
Identifying biomarkers that are specific for certain pathological conditions is critical for developing disease- selective imaging probes. Anionic charges are exposed on the surface of numerous particles of biomedical importance including viruses,1 bacteria,2 and apoptotic cells.3Synthetic zinc(II)-dipicolylamine (Zn-DPA) coordination complexes have a selective affinity for anionic charges on the ...
Early In Vivo Detection of Tumors Using Carestream Multimodal Imaging Systems
Bruker BioSpin Corporation
Molecular imaging, or the non-invasive spatial and temporal detection of signatures within the intact living organism that relate to cellular and intracellular events, has become essential for assessing targeted therapeutics as well as individualized progression of disease. For the pre-clinical research field, imaging techniques that measure both functional as well as anatomical changes in the ...
In Vivo Fluorescence Imaging of Tumor Proliferation Using Pre-labeled Cancer Cells and a Targeted Probe
Bruker BioSpin Corporation
Optical molecular imaging techniques have emerged as valuable tools for pre-clinical oncology research in mouse models of cancer.1-5 Diseased tissues and cells are typically detected during in vivo fluorescence imaging by one of three means: (1) near-infrared (NIR) injectable probes that are either targeted1,3,4 or activated by2,6 tumor cells, (2) tumor cells that are exogenously labeled in ...
Measurement of Antiviral Responses by in vivo Imaging of Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Infection in a Murine Model
Bruker BioSpin Corporation
Human cytomegalovirus (hCMV) is a pathogen that infects a large fraction of the human population. Upon infection, hCMV is never cleared from its host, but it stays latently present for the remainder of a person's life and is occasionally reactivated under conditions of (immunological) stress. Clinically, hCMV has a major impact on developing fetuses, and infection of this virus represents one of ...

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