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Medical Device Depot  Medical Device Depot: Medical Equipment, ECG/EKG Machines, Pulse Oximeters, Blood Pressure, Fetal Dopplers
Integra AV-S Anesthesia System The Integra AV-S Anesthesia System is perfect for larger surgery suites that may be using more than one type of anesthetic agent or benefit from ultra...
Integra SP VSO2 Portable Anesthesia System The DRE Integra SP VSO2 is a fully functional, compact and portable anesthesia system in a 27-pound package (without vaporizer). This anesthesia system...
DRE  DRE is a premier medical and surgical equipment supplier that provides a combination of durable new and professionally refurbished equipment to medical professionals around the globe. DRE offers a value to doctors by...
imaging3  Dean Janes founded the Company as Imaging Services, Inc. on October 29, 1993. In order to better position the Company for its future direction -- away from service and towards providing proprietary medical imaging...
JianDe KangHua Medical Devices, Co.,ltd.  JianDe KangHua Medical Devices, Co.,ltd. is located in ZheJiang province, China. We are specialized in manufacturing Titanium ligating clips and disposable ligating clips. For decades, we have focused on only clips...
eye spears PVA material
Teleflex Medical OEM  Teleflex Medical OEM transforms ideas into market-ready products. Our vast, in-house capabilities include design, engineering, prototyping, manufacturing, assembly, and packaging. Surgical instruments. Performance fibers....
Purple Surgical  Mission Purple Surgical International is in the business of providing the healthcare community and its patients with surgical safety solutions as well as enhancing surgical efficiency & effectiveness with an innovative,...
Electrosurgical Hand Pencils and Accessories A full range of single use and reusable hand pencils plus associated accessories. Reusable High quality, cost effective pencil guaranteed for 100 uses...
Light Handle Covers A single use, sterile cover that fits easily and securely over our permanently fixed universal operating theatre light handle which is supplied on a 'free...
Wells Johnson Company  The Wells Johnson Company has been at the forefront of the development and implementation of high quality aspiration and infiltration equipment into the medical marketplace since 1983. The past 25 years of our business...
High Volume Harvesting Canister 1000ml The High Volume Harvesting Canister is a new canister developed to make the harvesting and re-injection easier. Compared to the traditional glass bottles,...
Patient Monitor SPECIFICATIONS: Dimensions: 130mm H x 180mm D x 278mm W Weight: 2.7 (kg) AC...
Projesan Hospital Furniture Co  Hospital furniture, Medical equipment, Turkey,Companion seat,Examination table,Instrument trolley,Mayo table ,sleeper chair,IV Pole,Stool,, Morgue unit
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CLINIMED  surgical instruments, instruments, german surgical instruments, forceps, hemostats, scissors, retractors, needle holders
Blue Endo  Since 1984, Blue Endo has specialized in the development and marketing of leading-edge minimally invasive surgical products and services. Blue Endo's corporate office and distribution center is located in Lenexa, Kansas -...
Lap Loop System The LAP-LOOP is a cost-effective reusable instrument coupled with a single-use cutting/coagulating loop designed to quickly and safely section the uterine...
Flow Tek, Inc  Microlite cord is a division of Flow Tek, Inc. located at the base of the Rocky Mountains in Boulder, Colorado. The idea of Microlite cord is based solely on the premise that ‘traditional’ pull-cords are simply not...
Pilgrim Medical Equipment  Your Trusted Resource Professional Healthcare Equipment & Supplies serving hospitals, surgery centers, labs, clinics & physician offices across America
Integrated Medical Systems International, Inc.  The InstrumentReady® Approach addresses the readiness and the flow of surgical instruments from the central sterile department through the operating room suite, helping to build a bridge between the two. IMS has developed...
Certified Pre-Owned Equipment Increasing procedure counts and decreasing capital budgets are two prevalent trends in healthcare. IMS Certified Pre-Owned equipment offers real solutions...
Equipment Ready™ Custom staff education and training, improved coordination with the operating room, and complete trays, leaving CSD in an improved state.
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Operating Room Equipment Research Library

Correction of Single-Breath Helium Lung Volumes
Medical Device Depot
Correction of Single-Breath Helium Lung Volumes in Patients With Airflow Obstruction* Naresh M. Punjabi, MD; David Shade, BA; and Robert A. Wise, MD, FCCP Study objective: To determine whether alveolar volume (VA) measured during the single-breath diffusing capacity for carbon monoxide (Deo) can be used as a substitute measure for the multiple-breath total lung capacity (TLC) in subjects with ...
Operating Room Utilization
Renoir Corporation
State University of New York, Stony Brook (SBUH) is a top regional academic hospital on Long Island, New York. SBUH faces many challenges of similar healthcare providers; increased demand for services, facilities that are no longer adequate and supply costs that are excessive. In addition, SBUH has initiated an extensive facility modernization and expansion project. The Renoir Group was engaged ...
Minimizing Transmission of Infectious Disease in Heath Care Environments by Use of Disinfectable PC Keyboards and Mice
Man and Machine, Inc.
Clifton Broumand Man & Machine, Inc. (301) 341-4900 ◆ Introduction Hospital-acquired infections (“HAI”) are increasing at alarming rates creating a growing financial burden on the health care system. New laws and regulations are shifting responsibility and financial burdens to hospitals which must quickly implement solutions or face onerous expenditures. One area coming to ...
Hospital Operating System
Institute of Industrial Engineers
In the business management theory of constraints, throughput is the rate at which a system achieves its purpose. For a hospital the purpose or “aim of the system”, as W. Edward Deming refers to it, is to deliver quality patient care as efficiently as possible. Unfortunately, the fragmentation of a hospital's activities across departmental operational silos propagates waste, compromising ...
Operating Software in Secure Electronic Documents
Gemalto NV
Secure documents such as passports, identity cards, driver licenses and healthcare cards can be migrated to electronic security by embedding these with a secure electronic component. This type of electronic component comprises a microprocessor running specially developed operating software.

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