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Records One  Records One is a developer of technology that aids in the creation and use of clinical documentation to improve efficiency throughout the continuum of care.
RecordsOne Structured Data for Meaningful Use available now!
BayScribe  BayScribe is an end-to-end, fault-tolerant Clinical Documentation Solution, complete with Natural Language Processing for Coding & CDI, plus Dictation, Transcription, Speech Recognition & Document delivery for all your...
BayScribe Structured Data for Meaningful Use available now!
Clinical Architecture  Clinical Architecture is a niche healthcare consulting company specializing in the creation, integration and coordination of information in healthcare applications. We provide strategic consulting services, product...
4S Dawn Clinical Software  Have you a solid and efficient system for tracking your patients on immunosuppressants and for tracking your hepatitis patients? If not DAWN Gastroenterology fully supports your needs.
Kalido  Kalido delivers active information management for business. With Kalido’s unique business model-driven technology, decisions are fueled by accurate, accessible and consistent information, delivered in real time, to...
Eliassen Group  eClinical Solutions, a division of Eliassen Group offers leading-edge clinical trial expertise to complement technology solutions that improve the efficiency, speed and quality of clinical trials in pharmaceutical,...
eClinical Work with eclinical data experts to manage your data consistently across clinical trials from data standards development, database setup, data review,...
Waban Software  Waban Software's mission is to deliver products that capture the best practices of the domain, lower risk and help get medical products to market faster. Industry standard development and compliance are amongst our core...
DiagnosisONE  HL7-based web service, ELR solutions that support the easy collection and exchange of patient and lab test data, solutions on Java.Net and Open Source platforms - all created to help physicians create effective...
D1ELR D1.ELR (Electronic Laboratory Reporting) consists of a connectivity engine and a database which is designed to easily connect to and to exchange laboratory...
PHANTOM PHANTOM is designed to support the needs of public health authorities in all kinds of environments. PHANTOM allows for the collection and management of...
Coalition of Cancer Cooperative Groups, Inc.  The Coalition of Cancer Cooperative Groups is a unique nonprofit organization with one mission, improving patient awareness of cancer clinical trials, facilitating access, and promoting participation. Through innovative...
Cancer Trials Support Unit & Regulatory Support Service In addition to providing high-quality data to the adult Cooperative Groups, the CTSU serves as a liaison to each group’s operational, statistical, and data...
ChoiceMED  ChoiceMED is a leading provider of data cleansing and management services to the health care industry, with our primary services being the enrichment, standardization and categorization of a client's Item Master and...
Master Data Management Data hosting * Data maintenance * Data synchronization * Data syndication
Online Employment Systems  At OES Our mission is to deliver training, compliance and policy management solutions that can reduce risk, while also contributing to our customer's overall performance and bottom-line management.
DataCeutics, Inc.  DataCeutics is a Functional Service Provider and Outsourcing Partner who is committed to quality. The foundation of our clinical research services are built upon our strong technical expertise in Biostatistics, Clinical...
Clinical Data Management For more than 20 years, DataCeutics has been supporting clinical data management projects. During this time, we have used our expertise and technical skills...
SAS-Based Clinical Reporting Systems DataCeutics has both the SAS® and Clinical Reporting expertise to get your job done. Our professionals have extensive experience implementing Clinical...
Expert Health Data Programming  Vitalnet is a comprehensive data warehouse / data analysis solution for analyzing large, complex health-related data sets.
Vitalnet Data Warehouse Software Health Data Warehouse / Data Analysis Software
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Clinical Data Repository - Product Reviews

Picis – ED PulseCheck
Jeff Kelly, Online Industry Editor

ED PulseCheck from Picis is a tool to help hospitals maximize revenue, improve quality and realize full clinician potential of emergency departments, or EDs. Among its most critical features are integrated charge capture and medical necessity documentation to help hospitals achieve full ED reimbursements.

Read the full product review

PatientKeeper brings disparate healthcare apps under one roof
Jeff Kelly, Online Industry Editor

You’re treating a patient for a heart condition. After the patient visit, you open a clinical application on your desktop to input your notes and treatment plan. Then you go to another app to order her prescription medications. Next comes a billing application you use to bill her insurance company.

One patient. Three applications. Each with its own password, user interface, and workflow.… Read More


Clinical Data Repository Research Library

BayScribe: Savings and Control
BayScribe is a Clinical Documentation System that is provided to healthcare facilities as a service – Software as a Service – relieving facilities of the financial burden to purchase expensive hardware to support Clinical Documentation. There are three key areas of benefit to the facility: Cost, Control and Performance. The focus of this White Paper is Cost and Control and the areas of ...
Clinical IT Requirements for ACOS: Enabling Effective Patient & Population Management
CLINICAL IT REQUIREMENTS FOR ACOS Enabling Effective Patient & Population Management CLINICAL IT REQUIREMENTS FOR ACOS Enabling Effective Patient & Population Management EXECUTIVE SUMMARY ........................................ ........................................ ........................................ .2 BACKGROUND - WHY ACOS, WHY NOW? ........................................ ...
The Critical Role of Integrated Patient Information in the Delivery of High Quality Healthcare
Learn how to create a service oriented architecture (SOA) that will give both caregivers and applications comprehensive, secure and accurate medical data. This will create a holistic view of a patients care despite disparate data systems with varying formats and different locations. The medical world is making astounding, constant progress. Tools available to caregivers are continually ...
Data Storage
Offsite Data Depot readies move into document storage Offsite Data Depot’s methodical plans for growth will take a big step as the Carson City company prepares to lease space for the document-storage operation that will provide a second major source of revenue. The company, which moved to Carson City from the Bay Area, has spent
Electronic Medical Records vs. Electronic Health Records
eHealth Solutions, Inc.
Many people in the US healthcare industry, our government, and the press use the terms electronic medical record (EMR) and electronic health record (EHR) interchangeably. However, these terms describe completely different concepts, both of which are crucial to the success of local, regional, and national goals to improve patient safety, improve the quality and efficiency of patient care, and ...

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Clinical Conductor Enterprise CTMS Bio-Optronics Clinical Conductor Enterprise CTMS is a web-based, full-service CTMS that enables pro-active, portfolio-wide clinical trial management across all studies, ...
Healthcare Big Data HealthCare Anytime CTO Terrell Deppe Discusses Big Data in Healthcare
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