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Clinical Data Management Systems

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1 Call, A Division of Amtelco  1Call call center, switchboard and communications software for hospitals and health care organizations. Products include call center, on-call scheduling , paging, code call management, physician answering service and...
Ecreator Scripting An easy-to-use script-building Web application. Build scripts for your operators for any scenario, ensuring that all the necessary data is recorded.
Certify Data Systems, Inc.  Certify Data Systems enables connectivity between hospitals and physicians in a manner that is uniquely easy to deploy, scale, manage and support.
Certify Community Data Analytics Certify provides the tools for real-time data analysis across the network.
Certify Community eMPI The Certify enterprise master patient index (eMPI) is unlike any other in the industry. We identify the patient at all points of service using Certify’s...
Kofax Ltd  Kofax simplifies the business critical First Mile™ of real time, information intensive customer interactions. Combining market leading capture, business process management, analytics and mobile capabilities for a...
Kofax Transformation Modules Kofax Transformation Modules™ (KTM) is an integrated platform of applications that streamline the transformation of different document types into structured...
Adaptive Clinical Systems  Adaptive Clinical Systems is an integrated web-based CDMS/EDC with optional IVRS/ IWRS capabilities in a pay-as-you-go hosted model. Specializing in CDMS, EDC for clinical trials in a SaaS environment for regulatory...
Adaptive Clinical Platform Power of best in breed Open Source Technologies in a fully integrated environment at the lowest cost
Boston Software Systems, Inc  Boston Software Systems boasts the most sophisticated healthcare automation software and migration platforms that save time, reallocate resources and increase productivity for your entire organization. Contact us for a...
Boston WorkStation Boston WorkStation® is a workflow automation platform providing error-free automation for every application.
Cognauto Cognauto® is the next generation automation platform that allows healthcare organizations to accomplish error-free automation for every application.
Clinical Force  The Clinical Force team has significant experience of both Pharmaceutical / Biotechnology companies and CROs. Clinical Force’s main aim is to remove the barriers of technology adoption within the Life science industry....
clinical trial management system (CTMS) The clinical trial management system (CTMS) application provides the ability to track many aspects of a clinical trial providing near real time visibility...
Clinical Computing  Founded in 1979, Clinical Computing was an early innovator of clinical databases that evolved into point of care clinical information systems. Since that inception we have become an international organization delivering...
Clinicalvision V A reporting module that significantly reduces time spent with compliance reporting
Akaza Research  OpenClinica is a free, open source clinical trial software platform for Electronic Data Capture (EDC) clinical data management in clinical research. The software is web-based and designed to support all types of clinical...
OpenClinica Community Edition The OpenClinica Community Edition provides fundamental EDC and clinical data management functionality for your clinical studies.
OpenClinica Enterprise Edition The OpenClinica Enterprise Edition is an enhanced, fully supported build that is ideal for mission-critical settings.
Eliassen Group  eClinical Solutions, a division of Eliassen Group offers leading-edge clinical trial expertise to complement technology solutions that improve the efficiency, speed and quality of clinical trials in pharmaceutical,...
eClinical Work with eclinical data experts to manage your data consistently across clinical trials from data standards development, database setup, data review,...
SyMetric Sciences Inc.   SyMetric Sciences was founded by Mr.Robert Major in April 1999, on the experience gained through his detailed understanding of clinical data management practices; through more than 20 years of diverse experiences in the...
SyMetric SyMetric»™ is a comprehensive system to manage clinical trial data including database creation and automated data entry screen design, efficient support for...
Intramed  Since its launch in 1997, IntraMed’s business concept has been to support more effective treatment of the chronically ill. IntraMed’s most important product is the CSO (Clinical System Organiser), a web-based system which...
Clinical System Organizer CSO (Clinical System Organizer) is a web-based system, which improves treatment quality and streamlines processes for the benefit of the economy in health...
KIKA Medical  As a global contributor to the healthcare and life sciences research process, and by Optimizing Clinical Asset Management, KIKA strives always to uphold its responsibility for uncompromised quality and integrity in...
StudyManager  Since 1993, Seattle-based StudyManager has been providing innovative CTMS and EDC solutions to organizations who sponsor or conduct clinical trial research. They arm you with the tools and expertise needed to successfully...
Electronic Data Capture (EDC) Organizations conducting clinical research must deal with a range of issues, including controlling operational costs, reducing study startup and deployment...
StudyManager Evolve :: Essential Study Management Tools StudyManager Evolve eliminates the typical software complexity and empowers your team with the essential tools needed to efficiently manage your studies....
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Clinical Data Management Systems - Product Reviews

New technology enables faster data loading: clinical trial data backlogs going out of style

As clinical trial data volume continues to grow, companies are experiencing the build-up of backlogs of unloaded data. Finding ways to speed up the collection and manipulation of this data is crucial to streamlining clinical data management systems (CDMS), which will reduce costs and bring products to market sooner. 

The winner of the Society for Clinical Data Management’s (SCDM) 2009 data driven innovation award, the Phase Forward and Merck & Company’s Direct Data loader (DDL) project, incorporates clinical trial data from Phase Forward’s InForm electronic data capture solution (EDC) into Merck’s drug development projects. The DDL system not only increased the InForm load rate of external data, such as lab safety and biomarker data, from an estimated 1,000 to 100,000 records per hour, there was also an 80% drop in errors, especially with activities that depend on generating reports like time-sensitive Serious Adverse Event data reporting.
Bob Weiler, chairman and CEO, Phase Forward reported that the success of this joint undertaking was helped by the fact that “From its inception…the team solicited feedback from stakeholders in the process to define the project, through its development and implementation.”

Best-in-Class Clinical Data Management Systems Providers:

  • Have standard dictionaries of adverse event terms and medication names loaded into the CDMS
  • Validate data to check for logical errors as well as screening for typographical errors
  • Use double data entry to reduce the possibility of human data entry errors

Top Considerations Before Selecting Clinical Data Management Systems Provider:
CDMS Systems that have synonyms stored in their dictionaries can also allow the matching of common abbreviations to the correct term. This will reduce the number of words that have been flagged for further checking due to the system’s inability to find this term in the dictionary. Clinical Trial Management System providers that offer this feature will be able to deliver results faster and cheaper because of the time savings involved with the production of  fewer flagged items that have to be checked manually by a person who also has to be paid.

Key Providers:

1. BioClinica, Inc. provides integrated clinical information systems that support pharmaceutical and medical device companies from offices in the United States, Europe and Asia. Its MedDRA and WHODRUG Trained and SCDM Certified employees can take on many data management roles including: Full Service Data Managers, Data Reviewers (Staff Augmentation), Medical Coders and  SAS Transformers. Imaging core lab, internet image transport, electronic data capture, interactive voice and web response, Microsoft Office-Smart clinical trial management, and clinical supply chain forecasting and optimization solutions “maximize efficiency and manageability throughout all phases of the clinical trial process,” according to the company. BioClinica has state-of-the-art imaging core labs in the US and Europe and headquarters in Newtown, PA. The acquisition of Phoenix Data Systems by Bio-Imaging Technologies, Inc. resulted in the creation of BioClinica in 2008.

2. Clinical Research Management, Inc. (CRM) reports, “From database creation to database lock, our Clinical Data Management (CDM) professionals serve as an extension of your own team.” CRM recently procured Oracle Clinical™, a data management solution which enables standardization and control of data across global operations. This CRO has completed around 100 clinical trials over the past 10 years. Its solutions can be customized to meet the customer’s specific data management needs and budget constraints. Clinical Research Management was formed in 1992 when President and CEO Victoria Tifft returned to the U.S. after serving in the Peace Corps with “the commitment to spend her life working towards the goal of providing treatments for infectious diseases.”
3. eClinical Solutions, a division of Eliassen Group, provides Data Management Services, EDCServices, Statistical Programming, Training Solutions, Reporting Solutions, User Acceptance Testing(UAT)/Validation Services, as well as Clinical Data Repository solutions for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries. The company reports that "our consulting and technical solutions organization applies an average of 16 years of data management experience to the leadership of all projects." Eliassen Group was founded in 1989 to serve the greater Boston area.  This Mansfield, Massachusetts-based company now also covers New York, New Jersey and North Carolina.

4. Phase Forward's Clintrial offers a regulatory-compliant clinical data management system for collection, management and review  of clinical data; InForm GTM provides reporting and analysis tools; LabPas combines direct data capture and the automation of sample processing with real-time edit checks and alerts; Web Submission Data Manager application allows users to load SDTM-format study data, check and correct errors and browse data in a variety of tabular and graphical formats. The company reports that “Our products and services have been used in over 10,000 clinical trials involving more than 1,000,000 trial study participants at over 280 life sciences companies, medical device firms, regulatory agencies and public health organizations.”

Clinical Data Management Systems
Definition: A clinical data management system (CDMS) is used in clinical trial research to control and organize.



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Himss 2012 - Interview Certify Data Systems, Inc. Ann Fishman, with EHRtv, interviews David Caldwell, Executive Vice President of Certify Data Systems.
Sina Adibi is Using the Cloud to Make Clinical Trials Cheaper Adaptive Clinical Systems Spitz (@SpitzStrategy) talks with Sina Adibi of Adaptive Clinical Systems. Sina's company is using Cloud based technologies to help make clinical trials ...
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