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AlphaCard  AlphaCard is proud to offer customized ID solutions that meet a wide range of needs and budgets. Our complete ID systems come with everything needed to start an ID program right out of the box including an ID card...
Fargo DTC1000 Single Sided The Fargo DTC1000 Visitor Management System allows you to create ID cards that go beyond simple photo identification. With this system you'll be able to...
Magicard Enduro+ The Magicard Enduro+ Visitor Management ID Card System allows companies to track visitors, employees and even equipment.
ELB Technologies  Wireless Nurse Call Systems, Door Access Control Systems, Wander Control Systems. CCTV
AtGuard Wander Management Wander Management System (RFID)
TotGuard Infant Security System Infant Security RFID System
Securitas Security Services USA  Security Outsourcing of healthcare security professionals who understand the specialized needs of your healthcare facilities and perform to the highest standards.
Console Operations CCTV monitoring
Plumtree Group  Electronic document management systems and document imaging software, primarily for the Healthcare sector.
IdentiSys Inc.  IdentiSys - Identification and Security Solutions
Visitor Management Solutions IdentiSys Visitor Management solutions help ensure patient and staff safety, especially in highly sensitive areas with a simple, easy visitor registration...
Bio-Optronics  Bio-Optroincs is leading the way in healthcare workflow software. We provide staff and patient scheduling solutions, a family of clinical trial management systems (CTMS), and products for patient ID, registration, and...
Biopoint Barcoded Medications Administration System Biopoint BPOC (Barcode Point Of Care) System is the powerful bar-coded medication administration solution from Bio-Optronics.
Biopoint Patient ID Wristband System Biopoint Patient ID Wristband System is the complete patient and visitor identification solution from Bio-Optronics.

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Case Study – Financial Management with Clinical Conductor Site CTMS at Coastal Carolina Research Center
The Coastal Carolina Research Center began using Clinical Conductor Site CTMS in 2008. Prior to using the Clinical Conductor CTMS system, Coastal Carolina Research used a combination of manual methods combined with an under-performing CTMS system that did not meet the needs of the growing site. This case study will analyze the problems faced by Coastal Carolina Research, the Clinical Conductor ...
Case Study – Patient Recruitment with Clinical Conductor Site CTMS at Accel Clinical Services
Accel Clinical Services began using Clinical Conductor Site CTMS in the Fall of 2011. Prior to the implementation of Clinical Conductor Site CTMS, administrators and managers at Accel Clinical Services were using another CTMS system that did not have the functionality, usability or customer support that was required. This case study analyzes the organization, its challenges associated with these ...
Security and Data Protection for Online Document Management Software
KnowledgeTree Inc
As organizations transition documents and company information to Software as a Service (SaaS) applications that are no longer inside their own firewalls, inevitable questions about security and data privacy arise. Every company that trusts a third-party with data storage should fully understand the security and data privacy measures in place to protect sensitive information. Security refers to ...
Risk Watch International
The single most important trend in security in the next ten years will be the integration of various security elements such as information security, physical security and integrated systems security into a single security function. The development of this trend can already be seen in the increase in the number of Chief Security Officers (CSO), elevating the security director to a “C-Level” ...
RISK ASSESSMENT: Where Security Meets Compliance
Risk Watch International
The first requirement in this new standard is: “Conduct an annual Risk Assessment that evaluates the potential adverse impact of the external environment on the security of patients, staff, and others coming into the facil- ity.” The second requirement is: “Use the risks identified to select and implement procedures and controls to achieve the lowest potential for adverse impact on ...

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FileHold Systems Public Webinar Recording FileHold Systems Inc. This video is a replay of one of the live public webinars FileHold presents. The purpose of this video is to give a very brief overview of the commonly ...
mobilEcho Enterprise Security GroupLogic GroupLogic's mobilEcho provides the enterprise with a secure avenue for managing corporate files on mobile devices. It is the first true iPad file ...
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