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Cogon Systems, LLC.  Cogon Systems delivers interoperability solutions that coordinate care for healthcare organizations. Cogon's industry leading project in Pensacola, FL is the largest instance of military-civilian health information...
VIRTUAL HEALTH NETWORK® The VIRTUAL HEALTH NETWORK® seamlessly integrates with providers such as hospital’s existing information infrastructure. Healthcare data from these legacy...
dbMotion  dbMotion’s proven SOA-based platform enables local, regional, and national healthcare providers the flexibility to integrate medical data from a range of technologies and data structures. Health Information Exchange, HIE.
dbMotion™ Solution Interoperability & HIE for Connected Healthcare
EHR Doctors, Inc.  MediBridge.Net provides Health Information Exchange and physician portal s. Medical records are exchanged across the NwHIN using our meaningful use certified Continuity of care document.
MediBridge.Net Physician Portal Health Information Exchange and physician portal where clinical health information flows from one organization to another in a interoperable format: ...
APP Design, Inc.  HIPAA, X12 EDI, HL7, healthcare, HIE Sustainability RHIO, regional healthcare information organization, e-consent, custom programming, health information exchange, administrative transactions
Bridging Clinical and Administrative Transactions Learn how RHIOnet bridges clinical and administrative solutions for greater communication within the HIE.
e-Consent: Electronic Consent in an Electronic Healthcare Environment Combined, RHIOnet’s Story Engine and eConsent applications educate patients and providers on what it means to share electronic health records while...
Orion Health  Orion Health is a leading provider of clinical workflow and integration technology for the healthcare sector. Orion Health's easy-to-use solutions and applications improve patient care and clinical decision making by...
Rhapsody Connect Rhapsody Connect is an intelligent device that can be rapidly deployed at any data source holding information of public interest. Deployment can be achieved...
Rhapsody Integration Engine About Rhapsody? Integration Engine Rhapsody is a powerful integration engine that delivers advanced inter-system messaging capabilities to health sector...
Corepoint Health  Corepoint Health develops software to integrate healthcare applications and connect healthcare providers, streamlining patient data flow and enhancing quality of care for hospitals, clinics, labs, and radiology groups.
Corepoint Action Points Corepoint Action Points delivers data-driven, event-based alerts quickly to the individuals who need to know.
Corepoint Community Exchange Web Services Platform for Healthcare
MobileMD  MobileMDTM combines outstanding technology with experienced people to offer a centralized, completely managed service Health Information Exchange. MobileMD's technology is fully Internet-enabled and hosted in our SAS-70...
MobileMD Enterprise Access MobileMD Enterprise Access is invaluable to those health systems planning a connectivity strategy that reaches out to their entire community, including...
Transformation and Distribution Services Health system leaders are all too aware of the need to be of service to their physician community. As physicians adopt EMR systems, the way in which the...
IGI Health, Inc.   IGI Health leads in developing health care IT solutions focused on connecting trading partners, a critical part of emerging initiatives such as Health Information Exchanges (HIE), Health Information Networks (HIN) and...
Electronic Exchange Built on SOA, Orbit Exchange (also referred to as Health Information Network (“HIN”) is a comprehensive solution for the exchange of electronic transactions...
Health Information Exchange Built on SOA, ORBIT® Health Information Exchange is a complete and cost-effective solution that enables electronic transaction by allowing trading partners...
Life Sciences Market IQ  Life Sciences Market IQ is a leading provider of strategic (cross-industry) primary market research and custom competitive market intelligence - all designed to bring clients confidently and profitably into the evolving...
Innovations Avocare, LLC  Avocare is an independent healthcare IT company that combines a creative philosophy with expertise in medicine, software development, and business analysis. Our Regional Health Information Network offers true HIE of...
RHIO/HIE Health Information Exchanges (HIE's) and Regional Health Information Organizations (RHIO's) are the heart and soul of a fully integrated healthcare...
Medicity Inc.  Medicity, the industry standard for health information exchange (HIE), is the leading innovator and largest provider of HIE technology – with more than 700 hospitals and 250,000 physicians in its connected ecosystem....
CMS Reporting Gateway Medicity’s CMS Reporting Gateway enables hospitals, health systems, and HIEs to electronically report quality measures to CMS, leveraging Medicity’s...
HIE Gateway Medicity is actively engaged in the NHIN/HITSP process – fulfilling use cases, writing protocols, and participating in workgroups – giving us unique insight...
STAT Technologies Inc.  Founded in 1999 as STAT Schedules Technologies, now STAT Technologies, Inc., we were one of the first healthcare IT companies to develop Web-native scheduling solutions so every party in the care giving process was...
HIE platform Health system leaders are working hard to provide service to their physician and patient community. The added complexity comes with the physicians' adoption...
ApeniMED  ApeniMED provides clinical networking interoperability solutions that enable electronic exchange of health information between healthcare providers and stakeholders.
ApeniMED eClinicals A sophisticated HIE suite solving healthcare’s most complex workflows. Instead of manually calling other hospitals and clinics to obtain a patient’s paper...
ApeniMED eDetermine Submit medical evidence in support of disability claims to the Social Security Administration (SSA) electronically, reducing the typical 7-12 month waiting...
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Health Information Exchange - Product Reviews

Jeff Kelly, Online Industry Editor

iNTERFACEWARE IGUANA HL7 Interface Engine allows hospitals and clinicians to share electronic medical data via the HL7 data standard. It can map electronic health data between databases and application systems without custom programming.

Read the full product review

Health insurers target health information exchange (HIE) vendors
Jeff Kelly, Online Industry Editor

First Ingenix, a division of health insurer UnitedHealth Group, acquired health information exchange (HIE) maker Axolotl in August. Then, earlier this month, Aetna announced it planned to purchase Medicity, another HIE specialist. So why are health insurance companies so eager to add HIEs to their arsenals? ... Read More

Medicare, Medicaid agencies plan IT overhaul
Jeff Kelly, Online Industry Editor

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services are gearing up for an IT upgrade in 2011. According to this report in FierceHealthIT, part of the rational behind the upgrade is to improve the agencies' ability to share and exchange electronic medical records .. Read More

HIEs can save castaway electronic medical records and patient data
Jeff Kelly, Online Industry Editor

Patient medical records are a lot like castaways. Most are trapped in groups on small, isolated desert islands, the islands being proprietary medical systems, pharmacy software, and old-fashioned filing cabinets.

That’s what makes “trying to pull together an integrated view of your medical history … very difficult,” said Earl Jones, vice president and general manager for GE Healthcare eHealth solutions group. GE Healthcare and other … Read More

Hoag Memorial docs share radiology, pathology reports via Medicity HIE
Jeff Kelly, Online Industry Editor

While the benefits of health information exchanges (HIEs) are only a future promise to some practices, 250 doctors at Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian are enjoying access to electronic health records (EHRs) and other patient medical data in the here and now ... Read More

New focus on cost savings could boost image-exchange technology adoption
Jeff Kelly, Online Industry Editor

Earlier this month, GE Healthcare unveiled an electronic platform for sharing medical images, like x-rays and MRIs. Technology like the new platform, called eHealth Image Exchange, is intended to make it easier for doctors and surgeons to access medical images by making them available online.

Interestingly, the technology itself is not new and is in use in several European countries, according to Earl Jones, vice president and general manager for GE Healthcare’ eHealth solutions group. The reason image-sharing platforms have not taken hold in the US, he says, are financial, not technical … Read More

Feds should develop electronic health data exchange standards, council says
Jeff Kelly, Online Industry Editor

Since the private sector has no real financial incentive to do so, the federal government should take steps to create standards to enable healthcare providers to easily exchange electronic health data, a new government report recommends.

In the report, the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, or PCAST, said the ability for otherwise separate healthcare providers to exchange health data will improve the quality of care and reduce costs. It will make it easier … Read More

Verizon to offer free HIE identity credentials
Jeff Kelly, Online Industry Editor

recently announced it will provide free medical identity credentials to the nation’s 2.3 million doctors, physician’s assistants, and nurse practitioners, potentially making it easier for them to share electronic health data.

The idea is that clinicians can use the credentials to log into any number of electronic health records (EHR) systems, e-prescribing services and health information exchanges (HIEs). That includes Verizon’s own Medical Data Exchange, which is sort of a super-HIE/data integration platform that the company hopes will become the de facto standard for sharing electronic medical data ... Read More


Health Information Exchange Research Library

Hartford Hospital Leads Connecticut Health Information Exchange Initiative with NextGate Matching Technology
Hartford Hospital needed to replace their existing Master Patient Index due to inadequate matching accuracy, too much manual intervention, cumbersome administration, and insufficient security. Find out why Hartford Hospital selected NextGate's MatchMetrix EMPI Suite to replace its MPI and serve as the core matching technology for its Health Information Exchange (HIE).
Consent Management for Health Information Exchanges: Issues, Challenges, and Considerations
Consent Management for Health Information Exchanges: Consent Management for Health Information Exchanges: Issues, Challenges, and Considerations As health care organizations implement or expand the capabilities and reach of Health Information Exchanges (HIEs), community and patient acceptance and participation will hinge in large part on the trust that patients have in how their personal health ...
HIE Sustainability: Adding Value for Your Stakeholders
HIE Sustainability: Adding Value for Your Stakeholders Getting Started with Seed Funding 3 On-Going Funding 3 Adding Value — The Critical Component 4 Who Pays? 5 Revenue Models 6 Summary 7 Profiles of Successful HIEs 7 · Nebraska Health Information Initiative (NeHII), Nebraska 7 · Chesapeake Regional Information System for our Patients (CRISP), Maryland 8 · Rochester RHIO, Rochester, New York 9 ...
HIE Connectivity Round Table Discussion
Corepoint Health
HIE Experiences from Corepoint Health Customers Round Table on HIE Connectivity: Real Experiences with Health Information Exchanges Application Development Supervisor, Hendricks Regional Health Director of Information Technology, Northwest Radiology Network Which Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) are you currently involved with?
The Secret to HIE Sustainability
APP Design, Inc.
While the potential returns for Health Information Exchanges are great, they face considerable sustainability issues. Recent problems with large grant funded exchanges show that grants, while great for startup funding, are not sufficient for the long term.

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NaviNet | RelayHealth NaviNet, Inc. NaviNet and RelayHealth - This partnership brings the first end-to-end healthcare communications platform.
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