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LINK Medical Computing, Inc.
“There were too many people involved and too many steps required. We saw an opportunity to be more efficient and it paid off. The new workflow eliminated the problem – and that meant no more lost revenue,” said James A Stuart, Hillcrest Medical Center. With the focus on global healthcare, it is appropriate to look at some of the trends and issues relating to the ability of healthcare ...
Electronic Medical Records vs. Electronic Health Records
eHealth Solutions, Inc.
Many people in the US healthcare industry, our government, and the press use the terms electronic medical record (EMR) and electronic health record (EHR) interchangeably. However, these terms describe completely different concepts, both of which are crucial to the success of local, regional, and national goals to improve patient safety, improve the quality and efficiency of patient care, and ...
Del Medical Wins Mexican Tender
Del Medical, Inc.
Roselle, IL –August 27, 2010 -- Del Medical, Inc. ("Del Medical" or "the Company") today announced they were recently awarded a Mexican tender from IMSS (Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social) for over twenty complete Del Medical DR radiographic rooms valued in excess of $2 million. Each 50kw, floor- mounted tube stand system is equipped with Del's popular EV650 elevating, four-way, float top ...
Kofax Medical Claims Infographic
Kofax Ltd
This medical claims automation solution info-graphic is an insightful resource that provides a snapshot of the challenges facing medical claims processing, including recent changes to claims forms that make it too expensive to upgrade existing systems, and how Kofax addresses these challenges.
Medical Practice Optimization
AdvancedMD Software, Inc.
Medical practices of all sizes are increasingly caught in a cost/reimbursement squeeze that is impacting their productivity and profitability. For example, over the past decade gross fee-for-service (FFS) collections have declined nearly 9% while total operating costs are up nearly 52%, reducing gains in medical revenue after operating costs by over 14%. Medical providers are being pushed toward ...

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Destination ChannelCare - Marshall Medical Vericom Take a roadtrip with Vericom to Marshall Medical Centers in Guntersville, Alabama, to learn how ChannelCare digital signage has made a significant impact ...
Watch the Medical Billing Software on-demand video from ADP AdvancedMD AdvancedMD Software, Inc. Master your Revenue Cycle Management process with AdvancedMD practice management software. Guaranteed to simplify your billing process while reducing your ...
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