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ChartLogic, Inc.  ChartLogic, Inc. offers a full ambulatory EHR suite, including electronic medical record, practice management, revenue cycle management, e-prescribing, patient portal and more.
ChartLogic EHR Suite ChartLogic, Inc. offers a full ambulatory EHR suite, including electronic medical record, practice management, revenue cycle management, e-prescribing,...
ChartLogic EMR Use simple voice commands to complete an electronic note in <90 seconds!
AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions or AHS  AdvantEdge ( is a leading provider of physician billing services and software. Our promise: more money, faster. Practice financial data anytime, anywhere. Regulatory compliance, guaranteed. Client First...
AHS Anesthesia Billing Services AHS provides anesthesia coding and billing services, practice management, and accounts receivable management services. We use incredible technology, expert...
AHS Anesthesiology Billing AHS provides anesthesiology coding and billing services, practice management, and accounts receivable management services. We use incredible technology,...
RecordsOne  RecordsOne is a developer of technology that aids in the creation and use of clinical documentation to improve efficiency throughout the continuum of care.
RecordsOne Structured Data for Meaningful Use available now!
NueMD  NueMD is the leading provider of cloud-based practice management solutions for physicians’ offices, billing companies and university health centers.
NueMD NueMD® offers your practice a flexible application with quick, secure access to operations from anywhere, at any time. Designed for an office that needs the...
NueMD Medical Billing Services Nuetopia is a medical billing service exclusively for small- to mid-sized medical practices.
Boston Software Systems, Inc  Boston Software Systems boasts the most sophisticated healthcare automation software and migration platforms that save time, reallocate resources and increase productivity for your entire organization. Contact us for a...
Boston WorkStation Boston WorkStation® is a workflow automation platform providing error-free automation for every application.
Cognauto Cognauto® is the next generation automation platform that allows healthcare organizations to accomplish error-free automation for every application.
Convergent Revenue Cycle Management, Inc.  Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management, Receivables Management and Customer Care Outsourcing, Commercial Collections
Revenue Cycle Management Convergent is one of the largest revenue cycle management companies in the U.S., with more than 750 hospital clients. It is the pre-eminent provider of...
ZirMed Inc.  ZirMed is a leading provider of healthcare revenue cycle technology and information solutions.
Analytics Combine denial prevention with robust follow-up to ensure claims are paid with ZirMed's Analytics.
Claims Management Ensure you submit clean claims the first time and get your claims paid faster!
NATIONAL HEALTHCARE EXCHANGE SERVICES.  In 1999, we at NHXS saw a problem and set out to fix it. Across the United States, medical providers everywhere find themselves at the mercy of increasingly sophisticated payor denial engines: vast, complicated logic...
Nearterm, Inc.  Originally founded in 1997 as a privately-held healthcare interim management company, Nearterm very soon embraced a strategy to be the leader in bringing human capital and expertise to its client base. This strategy...
Healthcare Revenue Cycle & Financial Management Consulting Services Nearterm provides revenue cycle and financial management consulting services to a national client base of hospitals, physicians and other healthcare...
Promantra, Inc.  BPO services long term care LTC acute care Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management EHR IT Outsourcing Insurance Eligibility Verification Fixed Asset Management System Clinical Information Systems CDSS Medical Billing and...
Billing Services Opportunities for improvements to comply with Medicare and other Payor requirements.Monitor billing collections and suggesting amounts to be written off on...
Hospital RCM Services Promantra has a robust team encompasses highly skilled certified resources in Revenue Cycle Management domain. We have people with over 8 years of...
National Healthcare Exchange Services  Across the United States, medical providers everywhere find themselves at the mercy of increasingly sophisticated payor denial engines: vast, complicated logic systems, designed to filter claims through millions of...
nhxsPRICER Enjoy real time billing adjudication at the most vital moment in the healthcare revenue cycle: the patient checkout transaction. * nhxsPricer puts the...
Experian Healthcare  Experian Healthcare delivers the revenue cycle products and consultative services providers need to maximize collections, minimize risk and boost patient satisfaction in today’s era of increasing patient responsibility.
Collections Optimization Score and segment patient accounts, direct them to the right team at the right time, and optimize collections resources.
Financial Assistance Screening Identify self-pay patients who meet financial assistance qualifications for Medicaid, charity programs and other government assistance, and automate the...
Kramer Healthcare Technologies.  Kramer Healthcare Technologies pioneered customized web-based quality improvement solutions (QA) for hospitals, surgery centers, and large group physician practices. Since 1995, Kramer Healthcare Technologies has helped...
RQi price estimator™ RQi price estimator™ is Kramer Healthcare Technologies’s price transparency tool. RQi price estimator™ estimates patient portion prior to service and is a...
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Healthcare Revenue Cycle - Product Reviews

A-Life Medical – RecoverIt
Steve Mahoney, Online Industry Editor

The RecoverIt reconciliation system gives users real-time visibility of charge capture relevant to the billing component. Using computer-assisted coding (CAC), the proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology transcribes patient encounters through A-Life Medical’s data centers and codes them for reimbursement.

Click here to read the full product review.

Picis – ED PulseCheck

Jeff Kelly, Online Industry Editor

ED PulseCheck from Picis is a tool to help hospitals maximize revenue, improve quality and realize full clinician potential of emergency departments, or EDs. Among its most critical features are integrated charge capture and medical necessity documentation to help hospitals achieve full ED reimbursements.

Read the full product review

Increasing revenue, lowering costs key for financially struggling hospitals
Jeff Kelly, Online Industry Editor

Healthcare costs are rising just as the government is mulling reimbursement cuts for some medical procedures and services, leaving hospitals feeling pinched.

While the recent healthcare reform bill means new revenue in the form of millions of newly insured patients, “it may not fully offset the cuts for most hospitals, so they’re all going to have to do more with less,” says Jonathan Lauer, managing partner at the Hospital Performance Alliance, or HPA, a healthcare-focused financial consulting firm based in Woodinville, Wash. … Read More


Healthcare Revenue Cycle Research Library

ICD-10 Impact and Benefits
AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions or AHS
Who is impacted by ICD-10? - Physician Documentation - Physician Orders - Practice Financials - Coders - Billers and Billing Companies - Insurance Carriers 05 ICD-10 Impacts: - Physicians - Coders - Billers/billing companies - Payers Planning Now will prevent issues next year. ICD-10 benefits will be substantial in the longer term.
Eliminate the Chaos: 5 Myths to Avoid in Your EHR Migration
Boston Software Systems, Inc
Eliminate the Chaos: Five Myths to Avoid in Your EHR Migration Introduction 3 The Five Myths 4 Taking steps to prevent the chaos 7 Boston WorkStation will move the data that vendor interfaces cannot 8 “But our vendor says the process cannot be automated.” 8 Automating manual data entry is smart training 9 All the data moved really will be accurate 10 Achieving a single system experience 10 ...
Improving Your Revenue Cycle with Revenue360®
Cincom Systems, Inc.
Learn how to bring together multiple revenue-cycle processes on an integrated platform to deliver specific, timely and consistent guidance to all of personnel throughout these processes. Healthcare providers will be able to capture quality data through an automated intelligent guided registration system.
Healthcare Reform: Dramatic Changes to Hospital Contract Administration
CLM Matrix
Healthcare Reform: Dramatic Changes to Hospital Contract Administration The ultimate challenge has arrived for hospital administrators with the epic legislation that will substantially alter the nation’s health care system. News headlines from March announced that the extended debates had given way to Congressional action. The massive overhaul is beginning to reshape America’s approach to ...
Patient Responsibility Estimation and Point-of-Service Payments:  Essential Technology to Accelerate the Revenue Cycle
In an emergency situation, medical personnel converge to triage patients—to assess severity and urgency of need and administer care accordingly. But what if they lacked supplies or had out-dated tools? What if a skilled, experienced medical team didn't have the equipment required to provide aid? Undoubtedly, patients would suffer. Of course, the above described scenario is rather implausible ...

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Sustained Growth Over the Years AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions or AHS
ChartLogic EHR: Improving worklflow and the bottom line. ChartLogic, Inc. Why is ChartLogic EHR top rated among physicians nationwide? The comprehensive, intuitive and easy-to-navigate combination of electronic medical record, ...
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