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Advanced Data Systems Corporation  The ultimate in medical billing software, electronic medical records (EMR) and electronic health records (EHR), with the best support in the industry.
EHR Specialties The CCHIT-certified MedicsDocAssistant Electronic Health Records Software (EHR) is excellent for many specialties, such as those listed here. For detailed...
Henry Schein MicroMD  Medical Practice Management Software, HIPAA Medical Compliance Practice Management Software, EMR Software, EMR System Software, Small Practice Software, EMR Systems for Small Practices, Physician Practice Software,...
EMR Specialty Focus Simple EMR Customization for Specialties Starting with Pre-built EMR Templates With MicroMD EMR, providers can use pre-built templates to start using the...
ChartLogic, Inc.  ChartLogic, Inc. offers a full ambulatory EHR suite, including electronic medical record, practice management, revenue cycle management, e-prescribing, patient portal and more.
ChartLogic EHR Suite ChartLogic, Inc. offers a full ambulatory EHR suite, including electronic medical record, practice management, revenue cycle management, e-prescribing,...
ChartLogic EMR Use simple voice commands to complete an electronic note in <90 seconds!
Boston Software Systems, Inc  Boston Software Systems boasts the most sophisticated healthcare automation software and migration platforms that save time, reallocate resources and increase productivity for your entire organization. Contact us for a...
Boston WorkStation Boston WorkStation® is a workflow automation platform providing error-free automation for every application.
Cognauto Cognauto® is the next generation automation platform that allows healthcare organizations to accomplish error-free automation for every application.
NueMD  NueMD is the leading provider of cloud-based practice management solutions for physicians’ offices, billing companies and university health centers.
NueMD NueMD® offers your practice a flexible application with quick, secure access to operations from anywhere, at any time. Designed for an office that needs the...
Connexin Software, Inc.  Connexin Software, Inc. is the leading provider of electronic medical records systems for use in pediatric clinical settings. Since 1995, Connexin has provided innovative solutions to hundreds of medical practices in over...
EMR Solution  At EMR Solution we bring the best Electronic Medical Record solutions directly to you. All our solutions are CCHIT certified and have at least 20 implementations.
Pediatric EMR EMR Solution offers a wide-range of practice automation solutions for Pediatric medical offices.EMR Experts brings the best pediatric EMR solutions in the...
EMR Experts, Inc.  EMR Experts provides the best electronic medical record (EMR) and EHR system and software solutions for physician practices.
Pediatric EMR We'll work with you to customize the the best EMR software solution from top rated vendors and increase your practice's revenue, allowing you to provide...
Birlamedisoft  Birlamedisoft Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leaders in Healthcare Application software development & Healthcare solution Providers Company in India. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, providing software solutions to the...
American Medical Software  Certified EMR, Patient Scheduling, Electronic Billing, Electronic Remittance, Patient Portal, e-prescribing, Affordable Practice Management, Medical Office Software
Physician Xpress   Doctor Office Management, Inc. is focused in the area of Pediatrics using the PhysicianXpress system. PhysicianXpress System is a web-based easy-to-use, Pediatric clinical and practice management system. Visit our...
Electronic Health Records We provide subscription web-based HIPAA compliant services, not a software package, designed around the work-flow of pediatricians. We designed our system...
Abraxas.  Abraxas Medical Solutions, headquartered in Irvine, California, develops and markets a fully integrated suite of medical software solutions based on a single platform including Abraxas EMR (Electronic Medical Record) and...
Pediatric EMR Abraxas Medical Solutions is dedicated to serving the EMR needs of Pediatrics practices by delivering Pediatrics-specific EMR software, intuitively...
EMR Consultant  EMR Consultant collects the data from hundreds of EMRs, so you don't have to! Our technology will effectively compare your practice needs to 400 electronic medical record (EMR) / electronic health record (EHR) solutions...
Pediatric An EHR / EMR that has been designed specifically for Pediatricians will have a variety of Pediatric specific content as well as Pediatric specific work flow...
Specialty-Specific EMR At EMR Consultant we recognize that there's no one size fits all EMR solution. To maximize return on investment and efficiency, physicians need an EMR that...
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Pediatric EMR Software Research Library

Cloud Computing for EHR
ChartLogic, Inc.
It used to be that software of any sort, electronic health record included, was purchased outright by a medical practice, for a not-so-small sum of money, and owned in perpetuity. Now, the industry is turning to a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, whereby a medical practice uses an electronic health record on a pay-as-you-go subscription basis. A SaaS model harnesses the power of the Internet, ...
Reluctant family solo practitioner embraces MicroMD EMR, improves workflow and quality of care
Henry Schein MicroMD
“Now I see every lab, every X-ray, every consult note. With the EMR, it’s faster and easier to review a chart or enter a reminder for my assistant. I can access records from home when I get a call from the local ER. I feel like we’re absolutely able to deliver higher-quality care.” Stephen H. Mascio, D.O. Family Practitioner ORGANIZATION The family practice of Stephen H. Mascio, D.O., ...
The Beginner's Guide to Meaningful Use
Advanced Data Systems Corporation
Electronic health records systems provide an effective means of keeping patients’ records in a digital format. Instead of traditional paper records which are bulky, inconvenient, and not secure, an electronic version of the information is created which can be stored securely and retrieved more easily. In addition to freeing up storage space and allowing only authorized medical personnel to ...
EHR Migration Guide - Ensuring Patient Safety, Satisfaction and Clinical Adoption
Boston Software Systems, Inc
EHR Migration Guide - Ensuring Patient Safety, Satisfaction and Clinical Adoption Each phase of an EHR migration requires planning; an understanding of what data is needed to provide the most complete EHR and support clinical adoption, patient care, safety and satisfaction. New white paper, EHR Migration Guide - Ensuring Patient Safety, Satisfaction and Clinical Adoption examines the strategic ...
EHR & Practice Management Software Buyer’s Guide
AdvancedMD Software, Inc.
EHR & Practice Management Software Buyer’s Guide THE COMPANY YOU PARTNER WITH IS AS IMPORTANT AS THE TECHNOLOGY YOU SELECT 1. Do they offer fully-integrated EHR & PM? 2. How long have they been in business? Since 2000 5. Are they investing in ongoing product improvements?

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ChartLogic EHR: Improving worklflow and the bottom line. ChartLogic, Inc. Why is ChartLogic EHR top rated among physicians nationwide? The comprehensive, intuitive and easy-to-navigate combination of electronic medical record, ...
Henry Schein MicroMD EMR Video Henry Schein MicroMD View how Henry Schein MicroMD builds simple yet powerful Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software and automation tools with provider needs in mind. ...
Pediatric EMR Software Henry Schein MicroMD Company

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