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Advanced Data Systems Corporation  The ultimate in medical billing software, electronic medical records (EMR) and electronic health records (EHR), with the best support in the industry.
EHR Specialties The CCHIT-certified MedicsDocAssistant Electronic Health Records Software (EHR) is excellent for many specialties, such as those listed here. For detailed...
CCI - Computer Credit, Inc  CCI’s services employ varied collection campaigns that are executed with consistent precision and a high level of automation. Leveraging technology and expertise from CCI, our clients improve their revenue cycle...
Henry Schein MicroMD  Medical Practice Management Software, HIPAA Medical Compliance Practice Management Software, EMR Software, EMR System Software, Small Practice Software, EMR Systems for Small Practices, Physician Practice Software,...
MicroMD EMR Electronic Medical Records
Tutela Monitoring Systems LLC  Tutela web-based healthcare temperature monitoring systems, protecting invaluable assets, eliminating compliance risk, generating rapid ROI and freeing up valuable resources.
Paperless - Secure electronic records Web-Based Secure electronic Records
ChartLogic, Inc.  ChartLogic is the leading provider of Electronic Health Records (EHR), including Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Medical Billing Software.
ChartLogic EMR ChartLogic EMR was one of the very first electronic medical records systems created in the industry. The primary goal of ChartLogic EMR is to capture the...
EMR Vendors - ChartLogic PaperLess Office ChartLogic PaperLess Office is the simple answer for medical practices trying to make a decision regarding Electronic Health Records. With PaperLess Office,...
NueMD  NueMD is the leading provider of cloud-based practice management solutions for physicians’ offices, billing companies and university health centers.
NueMD NueMD® offers your practice a flexible application with quick, secure access to operations from anywhere, at any time. Designed for an office that needs the...
NextGate  NextGate: the gold standard in EMPI, Provider Registry, and identity management for connected and accountable care.
EMR / EHR Integration To ensure your EMR/EHR project is well adopted, it must contain accurate and easily findable patient data. Meaningful interoperability is not possible if...
NextGate EMPI The NextGate Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) remediates patient identification issues, and promotes the exchange of accurate patient information...
Smart Source - Integrated Patient Communications  Patient Communications mHealth Mobile Website Improved Patient Safety Reduced Re-admissions Patient Portal Appointment Reminders Chronic Care Management Self Pay Patient Billing Statements On Line Bill Pay & Presentment
HandHolder(TM) Patient Notifications
SS OmniClinic Mobile EMR Mobile access for EMR HIE
Boston Software Systems, Inc  Boston Software Systems boasts the most sophisticated healthcare automation software and migration platforms that save time, reallocate resources and increase productivity for your entire organization. Contact us for a...
Boston WorkStation Boston WorkStation® is a workflow automation platform providing error-free automation for every application.
Cognauto Cognauto® is the next generation automation platform that allows healthcare organizations to accomplish error-free automation for every application.
Certify Data Systems, Inc.  Certify Data Systems enables connectivity between hospitals and physicians in a manner that is uniquely easy to deploy, scale, manage and support.
Certify Community eMPI The Certify enterprise master patient index (eMPI) is unlike any other in the industry. We identify the patient at all points of service using Certify’s...
Certify HealthDock® Edge Server Certify's HealthDock® is an intelligent edge server that receives in-bound clinical information from multiple sources and pushes the data to physicians as...
Electronic Medical Records & Electronic Health Records Software, Inc.  Electronic Medical Records & Electronic Health Records Software is an authorized partner with 1st Providers Choice. The team at 1st Providers Choice has been providing Patient Accounting and Practice Management Software...
EMR EHR Electronic Claims Processing IMS software is designed to use today's latest technologies to help your medical practice increase your yearly revenues, decrease wasteful spending and...
Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) Electronic Health Records (EHR) Otolaryngology (ear, nose, and throat) is specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of ear, nose, throat, and head and neck disorders. Our Intelligent...
Carepaths  Psychiatric and behavioral health electronic health record.
eRecord Psychiatric EMR
CL Medical Consulting  Nationwide Nephrology Electronic Health Records experts and local EHR experts to West Texas and Eastern New Mexico
Vitera Intergy Specializing in Nephrology and Pediatrics
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Electronic Health Records - Product Reviews

Picis – ED PulseCheck
Jeff Kelly, Online Industry Editor

ED PulseCheck from Picis is a tool to help hospitals maximize revenue, improve quality and realize full clinician potential of emergency departments, or EDs. Among its most critical features are integrated charge capture and medical necessity documentation to help hospitals achieve full ED reimbursements.

Read the full product review

Jeff Kelly, Online Industry Editor

iNTERFACEWARE IGUANA HL7 Interface Engine allows hospitals and clinicians to share electronic medical data via the HL7 data standard. It can map electronic health data between databases and application systems without custom programming.

Read the full product review

Internal medicine docs regain productivity after EHR deployments faster than pediatricians
Jeff Kelly, Online Industry Editor

Internal medicine practices enjoyed a slight increase in productivity within months of deploying and electronic health records (EHR) systems, while pediatricians didn’t return to pre-EHR productivity levels over the same time, according to a new study.

Productivity dropped across the board for all doctors after deploying EHRs by between 25% and 33%. But, according to a report in Healthcare IT News, after several months … Read More

Medicare, Medicaid agencies plan IT overhaul
Jeff Kelly, Online Industry Editor

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services are gearing up for an IT upgrade in 2011. According to this report in FierceHealthIT, part of the rational behind the upgrade is to improve the agencies' ability to share and exchange electronic medical records .. Read More

HIEs can save castaway electronic medical records and patient data
Jeff Kelly, Online Industry Editor

Patient medical records are a lot like castaways. Most are trapped in groups on small, isolated desert islands, the islands being proprietary medical systems, pharmacy software, and old-fashioned filing cabinets.

That’s what makes “trying to pull together an integrated view of your medical history … very difficult,” said Earl Jones, vice president and general manager for GE Healthcare eHealth solutions group. GE Healthcare and other … Read More

Internal medicine docs regain productivity after EHR deployments faster than pediatricians
Jeff Kelly, Online Industry Editor

Internal medicine practices enjoyed a slight increase in productivity within months of deploying and electronic health records (EHR) systems, while pediatricians didn’t return to pre-EHR productivity levels over the same time, according to a new study.

Productivity dropped across the board for all doctors after deploying EHRs by between 25% and 33%. But, according to a report in Healthcare IT News, after several months …Read More

Few children’s hospitals use electronic health records (EHR) systems
Jeff Kelly, Online Industry Editor

Less than 3% of children’s hospitals have deployed and are heavily using electronic health records (EHR) systems, according to a recent survey.

Research published in the December issue of the Archives of Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine indicates that the vast majority of pediatric hospitals in the U.S. “lack the minimum functionalities needed for a basic EHR.” Just 2.8 percent of the 108 children’s hospitals responding to a survey led by Mari M. Nakamura of Children’s Hospital Boston have what could be considered a “comprehensive” EHR. … Read More

Lack of EHR vendor support top meaningful use roadblock
Jeff Kelly, Online Industry Editor

That, according to a new Black Book Rankings survey of 4,000 healthcare providers. According to a report in Healthcare IT News:

“The customers of only a handful of high performance EHR vendors expressed high confidence in meeting the demonstration of meaningful use deadlines,” adds [Kevin] Parker, [lead EHR researcher for Black Book Rankings.] “The perception … Read More

Mobile health market about to explode
Jeff Kelly, Online Industry Editor

The mobile health technology market is on the verge of explosive growth, according to a new report. According to SearchHealthIT, “Physician demand for smartphones and tablet software and services will drive the growth, coupled with health care providers’ mandates for improving quality of care and cutting costs at the same time.” … Read More

Medical devices and EHRs keep their distance
December 3rd, 2010 | Jeff Kelly, Online Industry Editor

Most medical devices do not communicate or otherwise interact with electronic health records (EHR) systems, according to a new HIMSS report.

FierceEMR picks up the story from there:
The paper, released Wednesday, says that just a third of the 825 U.S. hospitals queried report having active interfaces between devices such as defibrillators, physiologic monitors, vitals … Read More

Most hospitals yet to take on "exceptionally complex" CPOE
Jeff Kelly, Online Industry Editor

Of all the Stage 1 meaningful use requirements for electronic health records, perhaps none is more “exceptionally complex” than computerized physician order entry (CPOE), according to two Siemens Healthcare Health Services execs.

“In a typical hospital, a provider must make decisions regarding hundreds of medications, procedures and laboratory tests, sometimes all in the same day,” wrote the execs, John Glaser and Dr. M. Kent Locklear, in a recent paper. “These decisions must occur in the right sequence and be continuously adjusted based on a patient’s progress. The execution of this process involves dozens of staff members and intricate ... Read More

Web-based EHR vendor targets small primary care practices with free, ad-funded system
Jeff Kelly, Online Industry Editor

Are you part of a small primary care practice interested in deploying an electronic health records (EHR) system but worried you can’t afford it? Then Dr. Robert Rowley has an offer for you.

Rowley is the chief medical officer at Practice Fusion. The San Francisco-based company’s core product is an on-demand EHR system that is geared toward small practices that don’t have the money or the infrastructure to support a traditional, client/server-based EHR… Read More

GE Healthcare exec bullish on EHR adoption, others less so
Jeff Kelly, Online Industry Editor

Thanks to financial incentives from the government and a desire by healthcare providers to improve efficiencies and lower costs, electronic health records (EHRs) could be on the verge of a “perfect storm” of adoption, according to one GE Healthcare executive.

And a heretofore lack of investment in healthcare IT on the part of providers means plenty of potential customers may feed that storm for years to come… Read More

Focus on key features, workflows when evaluating electronic health records
Jeff Kelly, Online Industry Editor

There are literally hundreds of electronic health records (EHR) vendors on the market and there’s no definitive process for determining which ones to evaluate, let alone which one to buy from.

But there are a handful of best practices that, if followed, will make the EHR buying process a little less daunting, … Read More

When it comes to electronic health records, what’s in a name?
Jeff Kelly, Online Industry Editor

Some call them electronic health records, or EHRs. Others prefer electronic medical records, or EMRs. Still others go with patient medical records software, which, I guess, would be PMRS.

“The bottom line is that it’s an alphabet soup,” said Gartner’s Dr. Thomas Handler. And while it may seem trivial, what you call them actually matters, … Read More


Electronic Health Records Research Library

The Beginner's Guide to Meaningful Use
Advanced Data Systems Corporation
Electronic health records systems provide an effective means of keeping patients’ records in a digital format. Instead of traditional paper records which are bulky, inconvenient, and not secure, an electronic version of the information is created which can be stored securely and retrieved more easily. In addition to freeing up storage space and allowing only authorized medical personnel to ...
The Future of the Physician's Office
Henry Schein MicroMD
Read advice from Keith Slater, General Manager and Vice President, Henry Schein Medical Systems, Inc., on choosing an effective EMR and preparing for implementation of a certified system.
ChartLogic, Inc.
Despite being on the radar for several years, ICD-10 has been a backburner project for many medical practices. The government pushed back the compliance date once to accommodate the many other health IT programs medical practices have had to implement, but there are no signs that the compliance date will be pushed back again. This white paper will briefly discuss the background and timeline of ...
Technical  Foundations for  Accountable Care
This white paper describes the difference in IT infrastructure components and information processing between traditional Fee For Service delivery and the emerging Accountable Care Organization (ACO) and Population Health Management (PHM) delivery models.
EHR Migration Guide - Ensuring Patient Safety, Satisfaction and Clinical Adoption
Boston Software Systems, Inc
EHR Migration Guide - Ensuring Patient Safety, Satisfaction and Clinical Adoption Each phase of an EHR migration requires planning; an understanding of what data is needed to provide the most complete EHR and support clinical adoption, patient care, safety and satisfaction. New white paper, EHR Migration Guide - Ensuring Patient Safety, Satisfaction and Clinical Adoption examines the strategic ...

Electronic Health Records Video

Henry Schein MicroMD Could Based Video Henry Schein MicroMD View how MicroMD Cloud Based PM + EMR software offers a cost-effective and hassle-free alternative to housing your own server, software and data and helps ...
ADS MedicsDocAssistant EHR for Behavioral Health Advanced Data Systems Corporation Dr. Tony Comerford, CEO of the New Hope Foundation, Inc. discusses ADS's MedicsDocAssistant Electronic Health Records system for the behavioral health ...
Electronic Health Records Henry Schein MicroMD Company

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