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Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS)

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Boston Software Systems, Inc  Boston Software Systems boasts the most sophisticated healthcare automation software and migration platforms that save time, reallocate resources and increase productivity for your entire organization. Contact us for a...
Boston WorkStation Boston WorkStation® is a workflow automation platform providing error-free automation for every application.
Cognauto Cognauto® is the next generation automation platform that allows healthcare organizations to accomplish error-free automation for every application.
Medi-Span  Medi-Span®, a part of Wolters Kluwer Health, is the leading provider of drug information for thousands of health care professionals worldwide. With more than 30 years experience, Medi-Span® continues to offer...
Medi-Span Clinical Decision Support APIs Medi-Span® Clinical is a modular suite of application programming interfaces (APIs) that work together from a common platform. With new drug information...
Clinical Solutions  Clinical Solutions is the leading provider of healthcare software solutions and services for clinical decision support, informatics, triage nursing and assessment. We can help you improve consultation times with a higher...
PEPID Medical Information Resources  medical software, drug reference, physicians reference, drug software, online drug guide, physicians drug reference,, drug reference software, EDIS, Pediatric dosing
PEPID Knowledge Base The PEPID Knowledge Base provides all healthcare information systems - EMR, EHR, EDIS, HIS, HIE, ePrescribe and more - with the medical and drug data, and...
DiagnosisONE  HL7-based web service, ELR solutions that support the easy collection and exchange of patient and lab test data, solutions on Java.Net and Open Source platforms - all created to help physicians create effective...
Clinical Decision Support Clinical decision support (CDS) provides clinicians, staff, patients or other individuals with knowledge and person-specific information, intelligently...
D1.Pathway DiagnosisONE's CDS product, D1.Pathway, is the only integrated clinical decision support system that can alert care providers to clinical actions needed to...
Lexi-Comp, Inc.  Lexicomp is an industry-leading provider of drug information and clinical content for the healthcare industry. We provide the tools necessary to help improve patient safety, ensure compliance, and elevate the quality of...
Data Integration Lexi-Comp Integrated is our product line that will allow various types of integration of our drug content into health information applications such as EMRs,...
Military Health System  The Military Health System (MHS) is a global medical network within the Department of Defense that provides cutting-edge health care to all U.S. military personnel worldwide. Equipped with 59 hospitals, 364 health clinics...
Deployable Medical Capability To meet the needs of operation Commanders we must be able to deploy anywhere, anytime with flexibility, interoperability and agility. MHS efforts will...
MEDICALIS  Medicalis delivers clinical knowledge to the point-of-care. Created with the goal of delivering evidence- based medicine, and founded upon deep expertise in healthcare information integration, Medicalis has the unique...
Sentri7  Increase your contribution to your organization's goals of providing top-quality care while reducing costs. Clinicians using Sentri7 electronic surveillance spend more time with more patients and intervene sooner compared...
Sentri7 How does Sentri7 work? Sentri7 is a software as a service (SaaS) web-based platform that pulls information in real-time from your disparate hospital...
Lexicomp  Lexicomp is an industry-leading provider of drug information and clinical content for the healthcare industry. We provide the tools necessary to help improve patient safety, ensure compliance, and elevate the quality of...
Lexi-Data Lexi-Data — our comprehensive clinical decision support database — gives you the in-depth drug information you need to meet the needs of your users. When...
Thomson Reuters  Thomson Reuters delivers Micromedex evidence-based referential content for medication management, disease and condition management, toxicology, pediatric and neonatal dosing, and patient education.
SharedHealth.  Secure health information technology (HIT) solutions. Web-based applications connect medical information across the broad spectrum of a patient's network of clinicians; sharing relevant information at the point of care....
srajal  User friendly interface facilitating doctors to navigate through the database. Provide multi specialty health care to the common man at the most affordable cost.
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Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) - Product Reviews

Picis – ED PulseCheck
Jeff Kelly, Online Industry Editor

ED PulseCheck from Picis is a tool to help hospitals maximize revenue, improve quality and realize full clinician potential of emergency departments, or EDs. Among its most critical features are integrated charge capture and medical necessity documentation to help hospitals achieve full ED reimbursements.

Read the full product review

Mobile health market about to explode
Jeff Kelly, Online Industry Editor

The mobile health technology market is on the verge of explosive growth, according to a new report. According to SearchHealthIT, “Physician demand for smartphones and tablet software and services will drive the growth, coupled with health care providers’ mandates for improving quality of care and cutting costs at the same time.” … Read More

My analysis tells me data analytics in healthcare has a ways to go
Jeff Kelly, Online Industry Editor

A recent press release about a new cloud computing initiative in Puerto Rico states, “the territory lags behind the rest of the nation in … the ability to share and analyze health data.”

While that may be technically true, I doubt Puerto Rico’s healthcare providers could lag that far behind their mainland counterparts when it comes to data analytics. Data analytics involves collecting and examining large amounts of data to identify trends and other useful information… Read More


Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) Research Library

Eliminate the Chaos: 5 Myths to Avoid in Your EHR Migration
Boston Software Systems, Inc
Eliminate the Chaos: Five Myths to Avoid in Your EHR Migration Introduction 3 The Five Myths 4 Taking steps to prevent the chaos 7 Boston WorkStation will move the data that vendor interfaces cannot 8 “But our vendor says the process cannot be automated.” 8 Automating manual data entry is smart training 9 All the data moved really will be accurate 10 Achieving a single system experience 10 ...
Clinical IT Requirements for ACOS: Enabling Effective Patient & Population Management
CLINICAL IT REQUIREMENTS FOR ACOS Enabling Effective Patient & Population Management CLINICAL IT REQUIREMENTS FOR ACOS Enabling Effective Patient & Population Management EXECUTIVE SUMMARY ........................................ ........................................ ........................................ .2 BACKGROUND - WHY ACOS, WHY NOW? ........................................ ...
Better Medical Reporting: Introduction to mTuitive
mTuitive, Inc
mTuitive, Inc. is the developer of the first expert system used to build programs optimized for the recently released Tablet PC computer platform. mTuitive’s xPert System for Tablet PC enables analysts to rapidly develop expert, end-user applications without programmer or IT involvement. The resulting end-user applications enhance decision-making with structured protocols and context sensitive ...
Realizing the Promise of CDS: Strategies for Overcoming Real-world Implementation Challenges
Strategies for overcoming real-world implementation challenges EXECUTIVE SUMMARY ........................................ ........................................ ........................................ .2 BACKGROUND – CDS IS HOTTER THAN EVER.................................... ........................................ .........2 THE COMPELLING PROMISE OF CDS FOR QUALITY ...
Decision Support & Electronic Reporting - Healthcare Market Overview
mTuitive, Inc
For healthcare organizations that require instantaneous availability of accurate information, mTuitive extends the value of legacy investments with capture and delivery of structured data and knowledge distribution. mTuitive provides the ability to rapidly add functionality and build applications without changing the underlying architecture of legacy systems.

Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) Video

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Benefits of MetaVision in a burn ICU, UK iMDsoft
Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) Boston Software Systems, Inc Information

Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) News

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