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FDA panel backs expanded gastric lap band use
Jeff Kelly, Online Industry Editor

The FDA panel that oversees gastroenterology and urology devices has backed Allergan’s request to expand the currently approved use of its Lap-Band System, which is essentially a silicon band placed around the top of the stomach to make people feel fuller faster and, ultimately, lose weight. But some argue the company has not proven the device is safe for “a broader population.”

Allergan wants it lap band product approved for adults with a body mass index of 35 or higher; and for those with a BMI over 30 but with at least one comorbid condition, like diabetes. Currently, gastric lap bands are approved for patients with a BMI of 40 or more with no comorbid conditions and 35 for those with one or more comorbid conditions … Read More


Gastroenterology Research Library Document
RIS / PACS : Low Cost, Customizable, Scalable, Industry Standard, HIS Interoperable The total cost of ownership of many commercial RIS (Radiology Information Systems) and PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication Systems) solutions with recurring licensing fees, make it rather prohibitive and in many cases it is an unnecessary expenditure, when low cost options are available that are equally ...
EMR Implementation White Paper
Henry Schein MicroMD
The objective of this white paper is to help Electronic Medical Record (EMR) implementation champions understand the complexities of the EMR implementation process. In other words, this information is intended to help the heroes who face the daunting task of transforming the intricate processes of a physician practice from paper to electronic. We hope that this information will help you define ...
Cloud Computing for EHR
ChartLogic, Inc.
It used to be that software of any sort, electronic health record included, was purchased outright by a medical practice, for a not-so-small sum of money, and owned in perpetuity. Now, the industry is turning to a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, whereby a medical practice uses an electronic health record on a pay-as-you-go subscription basis. A SaaS model harnesses the power of the Internet, ...
Affordable Care Act Repeal Watch – How it impacts you.
Providing solutions, no matter where you practice. Affordable Care Act Repeal Watch – How it impacts you. If the ACA is struck down, a lot of the current consumer protections that have already been implemented would be lost, including requirements for plans to cover children up to age 26 under a parent's plan, the prohibition on lifetime insurance limits, the prohibition of pre-existing ...
Effective Practice Management Strategies
Providing solutions, no matter where you practice. In order to effectively manage your practice, you need to have people on your team who understand your short term and long term goals. Your short term goals should be set annually and addressed with all key members of your team who have decision making responsibilities as well as executing the details of your plan. Long term goals should be made ...

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