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Enhancing Benefits of Respiratory Protocols Through Automation
If you were to ask a room full of respiratory care managers “who regularly uses protocols?” you would undoubtedly get a room full of hands. That’s because definitions of “protocols” or “a protocols program” differ dramatically between healthcare organizations. But should you ask for some volunteered data on how effective those protocols are, you will get far fewer hands in that same room. The ...
Natural Clotting Versus Synthetic Clotting
SAMaterials Corporation
Natural Clotting Versus Synthetic Clotting Many casualties in emergency rooms result in death due to profuse bleeding but this could all be a matter of the past. It will now be easier for wounds to heal as a result of clotting that occurs naturally thanks to the synthetic collagen invention by Rice University. The material used is KOD and it actually resembles real collagen which is a protein ...
Correction of Single-Breath Helium Lung Volumes
Medical Device Depot
Correction of Single-Breath Helium Lung Volumes in Patients With Airflow Obstruction* Naresh M. Punjabi, MD; David Shade, BA; and Robert A. Wise, MD, FCCP Study objective: To determine whether alveolar volume (VA) measured during the single-breath diffusing capacity for carbon monoxide (Deo) can be used as a substitute measure for the multiple-breath total lung capacity (TLC) in subjects with ...
Five Best Practices for Effective Critical Care Management
Picis, Inc., part of Optum
Trends in population demographics, healthcare labor, and patient resource needs are all creating a “perfect storm” that requires a new approach to managing Intensive Care Units (ICU). Examine five best practices for effective critical care management which impact patient care, clinical workflow, regulatory compliance, patient and physician satisfaction and improved staff efficiencies.
Creating Measurable Value On Investment With Critical Care Automation
Today, both patients and payers expect more from hospitals, in particular higher care quality along with greater cost efficiency. Meeting these new market realities requires navigating multiple strategic issues, including attracting and retaining the most qualified care givers and effectively utilizing scarce resources while improving patient safety. With tighter budgets and ever-increasing ...

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