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Surgeons test iPads in the operating room
Jeff Kelly, Online Industry Editor

Surgeons at Georgetown University Hospital have begun using “the iPad to access in real time patient X-rays, CT scans, and laboratory data during surgical procedures,” according to report in the Journal Surgical Radiology (as reported in Healthcare IT News.)

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Operating Room Utilization
Renoir Corporation
State University of New York, Stony Brook (SBUH) is a top regional academic hospital on Long Island, New York. SBUH faces many challenges of similar healthcare providers; increased demand for services, facilities that are no longer adequate and supply costs that are excessive. In addition, SBUH has initiated an extensive facility modernization and expansion project. The Renoir Group was engaged ...
OR Operational Excellence
Renoir Corporation
Case Study: UC Davis Medical Center, Sacramento, California Key Results Improved OR capacity by over 5,500 annual hours—10% over the project target. The freed-up OR capacity translates into a potential increase contribu- tion margin by over $55 million Reduced average first case start delays by over 70%. Improved first case on-time starts by over 400% (with “zero tolerance” for on-time starts). ...
Minimizing Transmission of Infectious Disease in Heath Care Environments by Use of Disinfectable PC Keyboards and Mice
Man and Machine, Inc.
Clifton Broumand Man & Machine, Inc. (301) 341-4900 ◆ Introduction Hospital-acquired infections (“HAI”) are increasing at alarming rates creating a growing financial burden on the health care system. New laws and regulations are shifting responsibility and financial burdens to hospitals which must quickly implement solutions or face onerous expenditures. One area coming to ...
Insider’s Guide to Implementing an AIMS: 10 Factors to Consider
Picis, Inc., part of Optum
Insider’s Guide to Implementing an AIMS: 10 Factors to Consider Three leading anesthesiologists share best practices and lessons learned from their experience successfully implementing anesthesia information management systems (AIMS) in many facilities. The physicians who make up our panel have a collective experience of more than 45 years of practicing anesthesia in a variety of different ...
Excellence in Supply Chain
Renoir Corporation
Case Study: University of Virginia Medical Center, Charlottesville, VA The Capacity to See. The Power to Change. Key Results Total annualized savings- $12,000,000 OR- $6,000,000 Endoscopy- $197,000 Labs-$460,000 IT- $442,000 Supply Chain- $455,000 Radiology-$694,000 Cath Lab/EP- $491,000 OPSC-$177,000 Pharmacy- $1,988,000 CE-$184,000 Children’s Hosp- $29,000 “We surpassed ...

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RTS150 Shape Sensing Demonstration 4DSP
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