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Addressing the Issues of Nursing Shortages and Patient Safety through Bio-medical Device Integration
Capsule Technologie
Medical facilities are constantly striving to increase the quality of patient care. Yet a shortage in qualified nursing staff, a key component in quality patient care, will continue for the foreseeable future. This has prompted the need to be able to perform more work, with greater accuracy, using fewer resources. In order to address this seemingly paradoxical situation a new breed of technology ...
The Crucial Role of the Nurse in EHR Implementation
Having nurses on board and a part of the EHR implementation cycle will be critical to an organization wanting to achieve higher adoption rates. Learn how nurses who are rooted in product knowledge will help promote and “champion” EHR and also help educate staff members on techniques for improved utilization.
Developing & Strengthening Nurse-Physician Relationships
CEP America
The relationship between nurses and physicians in the Emergency Department (ED) is unique in the hospital setting. In this fast-paced environment, nurses and physicians work side by side as true partners and communication and collaboration take on particular importance in providing high quality care. CEP America has long recognized the importance of the strong, dynamic, and collegial ...
Charge Nurse Leadership Development Leads to Significant Annual Savings
B. E. Smith.
Charge Nurse Leadership Development Leads to Significant Annual Savings The chief nursing officer (CNO) of this 250-bed, for-profit hospital wanted to improve the quality of care and physician satisfaction in her patient care units. She felt that one of the best strategies to effectively address these issues was to further develop and improve her charge nurses’ skills and job performance. As a ...
Enterprise Device Connectivity Solution Brief
Capsule Technologie
Medical Device Connectivity is a technology that is proven to save nursing time, reduce transcription errors, and allow nurses to spend more time on direct patient care activities. Yet for years device integration has been limited to high acuity environments such as critical care. There are many reasons why this limitation existed. First, critical care areas have the greatest need for device ...

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Preparing for Value Based Purchasing: Meeting Clinical Core Measures CEP America CEP America's efforts to meet CMS' clinical core measures.
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