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Implementing Secure Network Management
InterWorking Labs, Inc.
Many users of the Simple Network Management Program (SNMP) have been confused by the new security mechanisms in SNMPv3. They know that SNMPv3 is more secure than the previous versions, SNMPv1 and SNMPv2c, but may not know how to use the security features of SNMPv3. Below we summarize the essential security changes and help you understand the new vocabulary and new concepts in SNMPv3 ...
Choosing the Right Enterprise Network Management Solution
Enterprise networks are growing in complexity and size with globalization, outsourcing, and wireless expanding the reach of the network beyond its traditional design parameters. IT departments are tasked with ensuring that applications and services run well across both private and public networks. Add to that ongoing application and data center projects such as virtualization and cloud computing ...
Traverse: Unified Network Management and BSM for MSPs
Zyrion, Inc.
Traditional providers of IT services, such as systems integrators, are expanding rapidly into the managed services arena, and becoming Managed Services Providers (MSPs). Two underlying developments are driving this transformation. IT service providers are under pressure to differentiate themselves from the competition by offering a broader suite of services and offerings. Businesses are also ...
Voice over IP Networks: Managing the SIP Protocol With Link Balancers
Elfiq, Inc
SIP is the most widely used protocol for Voice over IP (VoIP) network communications, from retail service offerings to global enterprise deployments. SIP is supported by all the major VoIP and networking suppliers and manufacturers, and VoIP service providers as well. The use of ISP redundancy and balancing products must be planned according to key elements defined in this document to ensure ...
Shaping the Future Development of the Networking Industry: Managed Ethernet Solutions for the Enterprise
Reliance Globalcom Ltd.
Shaping the Future Development of the Networking Industry Managed Ethernet Solutions for the Enterprise Abstract: Customer empowerment is the new paradigm in the business of network service offering. With the customer in full control of the service management, service providers need to develop an intelligent and a flexible networking and integration environment. Ethernet is the enabling ...

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