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Effects of Telemonitoring in Patients with COPD
Robert Bosch Healthcare
The objective of this study was to determine the effects of a home based telemonitoring device, The Health Buddy (HB), on health consumption and health-related quality of life (HRQoL) in patients with moderate to severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
MetaVision Suite: Designed for Interoperability
iMDsoft takes a proactive approach to cross departmental system integration. Together with our customers we have successfully created seamless information exchange across departments, systems, and devices. Our flagship clinical information system, the MetaVision Suite, captures, displays, analyzes, reports, and stores the vast amount of patient related data generated in hospitals’ ...
Massachusetts General Hospital improves quality of care and realizes financial benefits worth over $1M
Massachusetts General Hospital improves quality of care and realizes financial benefits worth over $1M MetaVision enabled MGH to meet PQRI and other quality initiatives, bill 100% of its anesthesia procedures, and realize financial benefits worth more than $1M over a 16-month period MGH is the third oldest hospital in the US – it was MGH physicians who first demonstrated the use of a ...
Creating Measurable Value On Investment With Critical Care Automation
Today, both patients and payers expect more from hospitals, in particular higher care quality along with greater cost efficiency. Meeting these new market realities requires navigating multiple strategic issues, including attracting and retaining the most qualified care givers and effectively utilizing scarce resources while improving patient safety. With tighter budgets and ever-increasing ...
Benefits from a Transition to the 1Call Infinity Call Center and Attendant Console System
1 Call, A Division of Amtelco
Benefits from a Transition to the Infinity System The Transition eventually make the transition to answering When an answering service fails to operate all other calls on the service. “Otherwise,” the properly, it forces hospital call center managers manager says, “with the previous system we to improvise under impossible circumstances. wouldhavetoteachthemeverythingallatonce. “Quite a few times ...

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Tutela Wireless Temperature Monitoring Tutela Monitoring Systems LLC Tutela wireless temperature monitoring systems are fully FDA compliant, deliver unparalleled accuracy, and rock-solid audit trails for complete regulatory ...
MVcentral:Centralized surveillance for tele-intensivist patient monitoring iMDsoft

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