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Predictive Strategy Scenarios for Marketing Sales and Risk
Angoss Software Corporation
The use of data mining and predictive analytics by organizations continues to grow as businesses attempt to tap into their customer and enterprise data to improve business decisions including those related to strategy – when, where and how to play to win. Success in developing predictive analytics capabilities results in business performance improvements in the areas of marketing, sales and risk ...
Predictive Analytics for Telecom Service Providers to Target B2B Market Segments Better
Angoss Software Corporation
The idea that Telecom Providers need to offer business clients higher value, industry-specific “solutions” to succeed in competitive and commoditized communications markets is not novel. Telecom Providers know this. Traditional carriers, wireless and Internet service providers, independent solution vendors, virtual network operators and other resellers of telecom products and services have been ...
Web Maps for Marketing Analysis
Recently a longtime, deeply experienced marketing vice president said, “When business is good, sales gets the credit. When business is bad, marketing gets laid-off.” While such insights may have a measure of truth to them, it is a fact that consistent marketing will drive sales. Even in a down economy marketing can expose niche markets where targeted sales efforts can be best leveraged. Marketers ...
Four Innovative Ways to Market Physicians
MarketWare Systems
Better understanding brings better results Four Innovative Ways to Market Physicians Making it Real – Reciprocation – Take the Disney Approach – Break the Mold By Bryce Bartel, Physician Relations Consultant September 2010 “Phenomenal”results for physician marketing and relations is the goal of every physician relations and hospital marketing department. Seeing the potential opportunities, ...
Next Generation of Physician Relations: Physician Relations 2.0
MarketWare Systems
Implementing the next generation of a physician relations program - or “Physician Relations 2.0” is a necessary development in any program to stay ahead of competition and keep a competitive advantage. Physician Relations 2.0 combines reliable and repeatable processes with technology to ensure the desired ROI of the initiative. 3 Introduction 2. Next Generation of Physician Relations Request a ...

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Medical Billing Software Provider AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions or AHS
OneKey Minute Episode 7: How to Reach HCPs with a Complete Digital Profile SK&A Marketing to healthcare practitioners is no longer just about shipping off mailers and email blasts. The digital age has brought about a myriad of ...

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