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Mouse connective tissue growth factor, CTGF ELISA Kit
EIAab & USCNLIFE(Wuhan EIAab Science Co., Ltd)
Mouse connective tissue growth factor, CTGF ELISA Kit Catalog No: E0010m 96 Tests Operating instruction FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY; NOT FOR THERAPEUTIC OR DIAGNOSTIC APPLICATIONS! PLEASE READ THROUGH ENTIRE PROCEDURE BEFORE BEGINNING! Intended use This immunoassay kit allows for the in vitro ...
Using IWR to Cut Labor Costs Without Outsourcing
Intelligent word recognition (IWR) technology lies at the heart of A2iA FieldReader software. This report explains intelligent word recognition (IWR) technology and how it differs from ICR, enumerates the data entry applications best-suited for IWR, and describes the technology's major benefits. IWR is optimized for processing field-level (as opposed to character-level) data on real-world ...
Improved Labor Utilization to Save Hospital $1.7 Million
B. E. Smith.
Improved Labor Utilization to Save Hospital $1.7 Million The path to saving $1.7 million and a healthier organization began with these steps: Hour by hour patient utilization of the ED Adjusted nurse resulted in staffing staffing matrix and pattern modifications eliminated overtime saving $100,000/year. saving $25,000. While this not-for-profit hospital has just over 65 licensed beds, its ...
Elevator Delivery Maintenance Delivery
Lerch Bates
The cost of elevator maintenance is on the rise. To anyone involved in building management, this news offers no surprises. Traditionally, a maintenance contract escalated with inflation based upon changes in the material price index and cost of labor. However, over the next five years, this equation will be significantly influenced by the cost of labor. The current agreement for the field ...
7 Pillars of Success for Global Software Delivery Adoption
NWN Corporation
Seven Pillars of Success for Global Software Delivery Adoption Tim Blackmon Executive VP, Global Delivery As information technology professionals work to reshape the software delivery landscape during an economic recovery, the ability to do “more for less yesterday” has become a desirable competency for companies across all industry sectors. Organizations that survive and thrive will be ...

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