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Business Case for a Laboratory Outreach Solution
Sunquest Information Systems, Inc.
Driven by increasingly mobile patients and physicians, laboratory outreach programs are becoming a strategic asset for hospitals. Optimizing courier fleets, creating centralized customer databases, providing comprehensive billing programs, and introducing electronic links from the lab facilities to the physicians’ offices are key aspects of any successful outreach program. The business ...
8 EDC Tips
How “Full Service EDC” is changing the rules and making it easier for those with limited resources to get their trials DONE. The promise of Electronic Data Capture to improve the speed and quality of clinical trials is too great to be ignored. These eight “secrets to success” will help you understand how to fulfill that promise — and gain the full advantage of EDC. Remarkable as it sounds — ...
Data Managment Strategies
Electronic Data Capture (EDC) systems should be more than just a means to an end. Quality EDC systems can enable the entire clinical trials information management process. But if the system enables, it is the data managers who drive. They are burdened with designing processes to make the transition from paper to EDC efficient while maintaining the integrity of the data. And while such efficiency ...
IBM Successfully Builds a Fully Functional Graphene-based Semi-Conductor Chip
SAMaterials Corporation
Stanford Advanced Materials IBM Successfully Builds a Fully Functional Graphene-based Semi-Conductor Chip IBM’s lab has successfully built a working semiconductor chip with part of the circuits being primarily graphene-based. This could turn out to be a turning point for the technology used mostly in mobile devices. Current technology is highly reliant on silicon, and ...
Joint Commission’s CTRM Need
Radar Medical Systems
The Institute of Medicine report to Congress documented over 100,000 patient deaths yearly due to provider errors including delayed or dropped communications of both critical test results and significant, unexpected findings. Learn how a new generation of rules-based CTRM creates, tracks and manages test result alerts through “two-way” documented communications, and follow-up tracking with ...

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A Closer Look AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions or AHS
Social Media Revolution SK&A More than ninety percent of physicians are active online and two-thirds use social media for their businesses or to get medical information. Watch ...

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