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Five Best Practices for Effective Critical Care Management
Picis, Inc., part of Optum
Trends in population demographics, healthcare labor, and patient resource needs are all creating a “perfect storm” that requires a new approach to managing Intensive Care Units (ICU). Examine five best practices for effective critical care management which impact patient care, clinical workflow, regulatory compliance, patient and physician satisfaction and improved staff efficiencies.
Minimizing Transmission of Infectious Disease in Heath Care Environments by Use of Disinfectable PC Keyboards and Mice
Man and Machine, Inc.
Clifton Broumand Man & Machine, Inc. (301) 341-4900 ◆ Introduction Hospital-acquired infections (“HAI”) are increasing at alarming rates creating a growing financial burden on the health care system. New laws and regulations are shifting responsibility and financial burdens to hospitals which must quickly implement solutions or face onerous expenditures. One area coming to ...
Creating Measurable Value On Investment With Critical Care Automation
Today, both patients and payers expect more from hospitals, in particular higher care quality along with greater cost efficiency. Meeting these new market realities requires navigating multiple strategic issues, including attracting and retaining the most qualified care givers and effectively utilizing scarce resources while improving patient safety. With tighter budgets and ever-increasing ...
Paul-Brousse Hospital cuts clinician coding time in half, reduces billing errors by 72%, and increases charge capture
Paul-Brousse Hospital cuts clinician coding time in half, reduces billing errors by 72%, and increases charge capture by nearly $300,000 per annum Aftera“lightning” 8-weekimplementation program, MetaVision helped Paul-Brousse Hospital significantly improve both its quality of care and financial results, while decreasing the administrative workload for its clinicians. Results: Clinical ...
ServerLift Case Studies
ServerLIFT Corporation
Input from hundreds of companies resulted in the safest and most efficient server lifting solution. Research included product evaluations by such companies as IBM and AT&T -- obtaining their input in regard to computer installing, migrating and handling within a server farm environment. Representative customers include government agencies, defense contractors, Fortune 500 companies and ...

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The Future of EHR is Open Medsphere Systems Corporation Medsphere's OpenVista is much more than an electronic health record system. Using OpenVista as a platform, Medsphere offers hospitals and health systems a ...
Transformation in Healthcare IT Medsphere Systems Corporation Medsphere's emergence as an open-source health IT leader makes for a unique and captivating story. This brief video describes how Medsphere acquired and ...

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