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"Lights-Out" Automated IT Management from Dorado Software
Dorado Software, Inc
Dorado Software. Businesses on a worldwide basis are under increasing competitive pressure to become more agile and so are looking to their IT organizations to help them respond to these pressures by continuing to provide new value added services and applications. As a result, IT organizations have been adding a wide range of new functionality to the IT infrastructure including: • Wireless LANs ...
Aspen Dental Management, Inc. Document
Aspen Dental Management, Inc.
In January 2000, we affiliated with Western New York Dental Group, a dental group practice with its beginnings in 1972 when Dr. Roland Bergler and Dr. Robert Gianadda, dental school classmates, began a dental practice in downtown Buffalo, New York. They shared a vision of creating a group practice to deliver high quality care with multiple locations and shared ownership. During a near three ...
Aspen Dental Management, Inc. Document
Aspen Dental Management, Inc.
In 1970, a prosthodontist, a pediatric dentist and a general dentist joined forces in Milwaukee to form Smileage Dental Care. Their vision was to create a dental group practice that would provide high quality, comprehensive dental care. Always on the leading edge of change in dentistry, the group developed in 1984 its own prepaid dental plan to compete with Wisconsin's burgeoning managed care ...
Records Management
Article written in the Nevada Appeal 03/07/2010, Page A015 in association with the NNDA Identity theft, terrorist attacks, fraudulent accounting, natural disasters, and non-compliance with government regulations have thrust records management and corporate accountability into the spotlight. Today, businesses must properly store and manage their vital records in order to meet operational needs, ...
IT Governance and Managed Services
The question of whether to outsource IT has become part of the strategic thinking process for a growing number of organizations across a wide range of industries. Organizations are increasingly evaluating what is core to their business and weighing the benefits of turning non-core, but often critical functions such as IT, over to outside partners. The benefits are compelling. Through a managed ...

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Making your clients happier than ever. There's an app for that. Jituzu
Healthcare Data Quality Dominance: Physician Office Telephone Validation with SK&A Researcher SK&A This video features one of SK&A’s actual Research Associates calling and updating a file for SK&A’s Office-Based Physician database. Watch the Research ...

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