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Christus HomeCare
ZirMed Inc.
One of a series of stories of our clients thriving…with ZirMed. “Before ZirMed, our A/R days were 60 to 120. With ZirMed our A/R days are down to 30 to 60.” Beverly Finley Lead Reimbursement Specialist CHRISTUS® HomeCare offers the finest in home health and hospice services from an interdisciplinary team of health care professionals. Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, CHRISTUS HomeCare is a ...
Common Spice Can Fight Complicated Health Issues
Best Herbal Extract
Common Spice Can Fight Complicated Health Issues Black pepper is one of the most commonly used spices in foods and it is found almost on every dining table. After the surprising results from a recently conducted research, its cost and availability in market does not reflect its importance correctly. This is because its benefits are too much regarding its cost. Normally black pepper is used to ...
Health utility of Aloe Juice
Best Herbal Extract
Stanford Chemicals Aloe juice is a rich medium of all components like aloin, aloe-emodin, as well as aloe latex. The natural source of Aloe juice is the aloe vera plant. The extracted substance has a lot of health benefits for human life. This has some medical effect if taken with the advice of health consultant but in reality it has the toxin effects. That is ...
Acerola cherry - Health benefits
Best Herbal Extract
Acerola cherry, (called also Puerto Rican cherry, Wild Crape Myrtle, Barbados cherry, or the Antilles cherry) is a fruit of the Malpighiacaea family, similar in appearance to a red cherry, which grows on a small shrub in South America, Central America and the southern United States. In these regions this fruit has been extensively applied for centuries as a health booster, and a medicinal plant. ...
Henry County Medical Center
ZirMed Inc.
Hear from ZirMed clients in their own words. “ZirMed has made our job extremely easy.” Stephanie Snipes Office Manager, RMA, LMR Henry County Medical Center has a medical staff of 45 doctors with 600 employees. The medical center contains a 142-bed acute care hospital, the 174-bed Henry County Nursing Home, Henry County Home Health and Hospice, the county Emergency Medical Service, and the ...

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