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How To Get Legal, Finance And Sales To Play In The Same Sandbox
CLM Matrix
How To Get Legal, Finance And Sales To Play In The Same Sandbox Back in the day, the sandbox was a place where you could play and have fun. But we can all remember occasions when not everyone played nicely together. After all, there were no rules and as such our encounters may have included a little sand throwing, toy taking or territorial shoving. No great harm done. But in the business world, ...
Colorado Housing and Finance Authority Achieves Rapid ROI through Capture  Enabled Enterprise Content Management
Kofax, Inc
Kofax Solutions Enable Capture-to-Process Workflow and Greater Organizational Agility. Using Mmicrosoft SharePoint, Colorado Housing and Finance Authority (CHFA) deployed a content management solution at a departmental level to help classify, store and manage core human resources documents as well as executive documentation. This document solution was implemented in an attempt to reduce ...
Healthcare Reform: Dramatic Changes to Hospital Contract Administration
CLM Matrix
Healthcare Reform: Dramatic Changes to Hospital Contract Administration The ultimate challenge has arrived for hospital administrators with the epic legislation that will substantially alter the nation’s health care system. News headlines from March announced that the extended debates had given way to Congressional action. The massive overhaul is beginning to reshape America’s approach to ...
Seven Steps to Improve the Financial Health of your ED
Picis, Inc., part of Optum
There are seven key initiatives that can improve the financial health of the ED. Efficiently and effectively developing these processes, while maintaining compliance with EMTALA regulations, will improve the likelihood for success. Examine these seven key initiatives and find out how to implement them in your ED.
Driver-Based Planning for Budgets & Forecasting
Alight LLC
Line managers and finance staffs are frustrated by the inadequacies of spreadsheet based planning systems for delivering useful budgets and rolling forecasts. A major problem is the disconnect between the operational elements of a business and financial plans. In particular, managers have difficulty forecasting headcount and expenses because spreadsheet templates do not contain models that allow ...

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ADS MedicsDocAssistant EHR for Behavioral Health Advanced Data Systems Corporation Dr. Tony Comerford, CEO of the New Hope Foundation, Inc. discusses ADS's MedicsDocAssistant Electronic Health Records system for the behavioral health ...
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