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Emergency room docs hampered by lack of electronic patient data
Jeff Kelly, Online Industry Editor

To put it mildly, emergency room doctors don’t have a lot of time to track down relevant medical records when a patient with a gunshot wound or suffering a heart attack arrives at the ER.

More investment in healthcare IT would help, according to a recent report by doctors from Children's Hospital Boston. Said Dr. Kenneth Mandl, one of the report’s authors ... Read More


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The Financial Impact of an Emergency Department Information System - Case Study
Wellsoft Corporation
Emergency department information systems (EDIS) are appearing in more and more emergency departments (EDs), and their many features make them useful tools. The cost of these systems can impact purchasing and implementation decisions; determining their prospective ROI, however, can be difficult. For the busy academic teaching ED at Duke University Medical Center, implementing an EDIS, such as ...
The Intelligent Physician’s Guide to Achieving Excellence in the ED
Picis, Inc., part of Optum
Physician’s Guide to Achieving Excellence in the ED Three leading ED physicians engage in a frank discussion about the changing landscape of emergency care and the steps needed to achieve excellence in an increasingly challenging healthcare environment. The physicians who make up our panel have a collective experience of more than 50 years practicing emergency medicine in a variety of different ...
ED Operational Excellence
Renoir Corporation
Case Study: Parkview Medical Center Pueblo, CO, USA LOS improved by 27%. This was worth $2.4M in contribution margin benefits. Patients‟ length of stay had decreased by 60 minutes with the same average census. Rejection rates improved by over 50% Wait times were reduced by over 50% “Working with Renoir has helped bring numerous departments together and this great open dialogue continues to ...
Improving Performance Outcomes in Healthcare through Enhanced RTLS Solutions
Intelligent InSites, Inc.
Improving Performance Outcomes in Healthcare through Enhanced RTLS Solutions ABSTRACT Healthcare is at a cross roads. The combination of economic down- turn, reduced reimbursement rates, rising complexity of regulations, and uncertainty of the future has placed extra strain on hospital management, employees, and associated medical staff to acceler- ate their efforts to change. Although quality ...
Gaston Memorial CLM
Sunquest Information Systems, Inc.
Our staff are very proud of the work they do now when collecting specimens. Our specimen collection errors have decreased significantly and we are providing safer care to our ” patients and making decisions on more accurate lab results. Kathleen Besson, RN, BSN, MBA, NEA, BC, Director, Emergency Services Gaston Memorial Hospital - Emergency Department Established in 1946, Gaston Memorial ...

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Emergency Department AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions or AHS Company

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A Closer Look AdvantEdge Healthcare Solutions or AHS
Six Steps to the Real-Time Healthcare Enterprise Intelligent InSites, Inc. Hospitals need better and more immediate access to information in order to improve efficiencies, deliver a higher level of care, increase satisfaction, ...

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