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Six Secrets to 24x7 Exchange Availability
Marathon Technologies Corporation
Businesses have grown to rely on 24x7 access to Microsoft Exchange to meet the increasing demands of mobile computing, global business, and electronic commerce. They depend on e-mail, group scheduling, and calendars for critical business communication and key business processes. E-mail also supports vital applications needed for functions such as workflow, collaboration, and knowledge management. ...
Prevent Data Loss and Comply With PCI Data Security Standards
Websense, Inc.
Modern commerce relies heavily on credit card transactions, providing convenience to consumers and more sales opportunities for merchants. With vast amounts of financial capital transferring via these means, it’s no wonder that credit card fraud amounts to over a billion dollars in the US alone, according to the US Treasury. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) were ...
HIPAA: Healthcare Transformation to Electronic Communications
This white paper provides a brief overview of HIPAA regulations and how healthcare organizations are using technology to assist with compliance.
ComputerAssociates ERP EDI Overview
Computer Associates Inc
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI): Meeting the Business Requirements of High-Volume Trading Partners If your retailers (trading partners) include high-volume trading partners like Walmart, your ERP software must be able to process secure Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transactions. EDI is the electronic communication method of business transactions1 such as purchase orders, invoices, ...
Inbound Faxing with Microsoft Exchange
Exchange 2010 Unified Messaging (UM) provides an option for referring fax traffic to a certified fax partner so that inbound faxes can be processed to UM-enabled users. This would allow for faxes to appear in users' Outlook® mailboxes. This document describes how to configure the Exchange 2010 UM server, the Open Text Fax Server, RightFax Edition, and a MP-114 media gateway to process inbound ...

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