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All organizations accumulate data. The larger and more successful an organization becomes, the more data it accumulates. The management and utilization of data can massively impact the efficiency of the organization and in many cases directly affect revenue streams. Early evidence of these issues often flows from business user or customer complaints and `data friction' where the data has to be ...
The Business Case for Master Data Management
A step-by-step guide to create the right business case for all your Master Data Requirement Business initiatives such as ERP system consolidation, enterprise spend management, total productivity management (TPM) and improving overall equipment efficiency (OEE) have one thing in common. That is dependency on a clean, classified and attribute enriched master data. Master data that is wrongly ...
Data Management Solution: Build vs. Buy
Raima Inc.
"Build v"Build vs. Buy" requires close examination to determine the best strategy for meeting your product's embedded data management needs. Learn how to perform careful analysis of functional needs, expertise, quality, market timing, support, maintenance, product life, and cost to make the best business decision.
Data Management Solution: Build vs. Buy
Raima Inc.
A key decision when determining the best strategy for meeting your product’s embedded data management needs is the age old “Build versus Buy” question. In order to make an intelligent decision your organization will need to perform a careful analysis of the many requirements of your application. Some things to consider include: functional needs, expertise, quality, market timing, support and ...
The Business Benefits of Material Master Data Management (MMDM)
A 14-page whitepaper on how to achieve lower material costs and optimized inventory using Material Master Data Management Leading companies across sectors like manufacturing, energy and utility are making serious efforts to increase their operational efficiency, drive M&A synergies, and maximize ROI from ERP initiatives. This makes MMDM an essential investment for these companies. This white ...

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OneKey Minute Episode 5: How to Target Healthcare Providers by Select and Channel SK&A List buying is the first step of many when you embark on a new campaign or project targeting healthcare providers. Are you sure of who needs to be on your ...
Data Manager Darryl Privacy Analytics, Inc. De-identification 101. Learn how Data Manager Darryl can leverage data for secondary use.

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