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Enterprise communications
Virtela Technology Services Incorporated
Yes, clouds are here and they're here to stay. There's little argument against the inherent cloud benefits of immediate access to resources and services, subscription or pay-for-use consumption model, no upfront cost required to deploy hardware, and no need to over-engineer solutions to support spikes in resource needs or future growth. That's why clouds are everywhere, delivering almost ...
JFK Communications Document
JFK Communications
Those of us involved in the life sciences industry today are working at a time of revolutionary change — the kind that comes along perhaps once in a generation. What’s truly amazing how- ever, is the fact that we fortunate few in healthcare communications are practicing our craft in the midst of two such changes that are occurring almost simultaneously; changes that are transforming both the ...
JFK Communications Document
JFK Communications
PR in a cost-contained world Lessons from Europe show that healthcare PR could have an important new role to play in a post-reform US healthcare system.
JFK Communications Document
JFK Communications
NJ DIAGNOSTICS COMPANIES COULD BE AT THE FOREFRONT BY DAVID AVITABILE — The concept of personalized medicine—dened as the right drug, for the right patient at the right time—is tailor-made for the current health care marketplace.
Hospital Unified Communications
Amcom Software, Inc.
Six Ways Leading Hospitals Use Unified Communications to Improve Patient Care, Safety, and Satisfaction Enabling Care, Safety, and Efficiency Through Unified Communications Mary, a patient at your hospital, wears a heart monitor. Her physician sets up a communications alert to ensure he is notified if it goes off. At 10 p.m. it does. The nurse on duty is notified immediately on an in- house ...

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JFK Communications Document JFK Communications
JFK Communications Document JFK Communications

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