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Asset Management Plan
Eagle Technology, Inc
Add “Asset Management Plan” to Your New Year’s List of Resolutions The cost, longevity, and operational efficiency of facility assets affect most or all business units and processes, affecting bottom line productivity and performance of the overall organization. That’s why an Asset Management Plan (AMP) should be part of every organization’s 2012 strategic plan: 1. A good Asset Management Plan ...
RFID: A Business Revolution Providing Strategic and Competitive Advantage
AT&T Intellectual Property.
A Business Revolution Providing Strategic and Competitive Advantage The Technology Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a wireless data collection technology developed during World War II that has been used in tracking and accessing applications for about a decade. The technology transfers data wirelessly between a tiny transceiver and a tag. A tag is a combination of an electronic ...
Healthy Savings with Capital Asset  - Case Study
St. Croix Systems
Based in Milwaukee, Wis., Aurora Health Care is Wisconsin’s largest, fully-integrated, not-for-profit healthcare delivery system. Established in 1984, Aurora has become a nationally-recognized leader in efforts to improve the quality of health care. Over 90 different communities benefit from Aurora’s integrated delivery network, comprised of 13 hospitals, over 100 clinics, and 120 community ...
Curing Operational Inefficiency - how real-time locating technology brings a cure to asset management headaches
Intelligent InSites, Inc.
When asked to perform a “health screening” of an average hospital, you would most likely come back with a diagnosis of “chronic operational inefficiency.” The symptoms of this syndrome are easy to detect, even by an inexperienced specialist in the field of Lean or Six Sigma. Thousands of assets, such as IV pumps, wheelchairs, and other medical equipment move constantly throughout the facility. ...
The Importance of Using Wireless Engineers Who Understand Patient Care and RFID Technology
InfoLogix, Inc
The safety of RFID technology in the hospital is understudied, and the paper by van der Togt and colleagues makes a valuable contribution to the scant available literature on the subject. However, reaction to the article in the lay press and on the Internet has been, in many cases, unscientific and irresponsibly alarmist. With all due respect to the Dutch researchers and their work, InfoLogix, as ...

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Asset Tracking and Automatic Data Capture Boston Software Systems, Inc Information

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Our Lady of Lourdes Regional Medical Center - Skytron Asset Manager -- Lafayette, LA Skytron
Blaster Advantage (serial #A004101621) from Round Top Mountain Resort CognitiveTPG This mobile video upload was in response to CognitiveTPG's promotion for finding the oldest, operational Blaster Advantage. This printer is used at ...

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