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The Observation Unit as a Catalyst for Efficiency
CEP America
Observation Units (OUs) that provide evaluation and care for up to 48 hours will become an increasingly important part of the hospital in coming years. This white paper will present the environment factors that have fostered the emergence of OUs, the benefits that they create, and the strategies that hospitals are using to integrate OUs in order to capitalize on this opportunity for the future.
Case Study: Orthopaedic EMR
ChartLogic, Inc.
Reconstructive Hand Surgeons of Indiana recognized the need early on to implement an EMR and digital imaging. The practice realized enormous benefits immediately and recouped its investment within two years.‘‘ChartLogic had the finest voice-recognition module, which was integrated into the EMR, so that voice could be incorporated in the record at any time without needing to cut and paste,’ said ...
Is Natural Language Processing the key to data-driven healthcare?
Is Natural Language Processing the key to data-driven healthcare? The need for clinical data has never been greater in health care. Data are needed to improve the quality of care, to meet Meaningful Use requirements, to prepare for the ICD-10 transition, to effectively manage cases, and to enable clinical research – all are data-driven. And as the shift to capitated payment models draws near and ...
7 Reasons to Adopt Cloud Hosting
INetU, Inc.
The Customer Centric Cloud Company APP Some benefits of moving to the cloud are more obvious than others. However, the obvious benefits only scratch the sDurBface of the business advantages you can achieve from adopting the cloud. Whether using a private, public, or hybrid cloud model, the hidden benefits of the cloud can help your business advance over your competitors and gain or retain the ...
How To Evaluate Chemically Resistant Adhesives
Master Bond
Master Bond’s paper offers a guide to evaluating and selecting adhesive products exposed to harsh chemical environments. This article examines the importance of exposure variables, chemical interactions, testing and includes practical suggestions of procedures on how to avoid generalities in the selection process. Additionally, Master Bond supplies data results from its own unique ten year ...

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CEP America Improving Performance CEP America
SK&A Awarded Federal Contract to Measure EHR Adoption SK&A, A Cegedim Company This video explains the contract that SK&A was awarded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Office of the National Coordinator for ...

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