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Losing just 5 patients per day can cost your hospital millions
CEP America
Left Without Being Seen (LWBS): When the time it takes for a patient to be seen by a physician is high, patient satisfaction scores are usually low. Dissatisfied patients do not recommend the ED to their family and friends and are responsible for an increased number of malpractice suits. The financial implications of these metrics are significant. Our calculations are based on information from ...
Reluctant family solo practitioner embraces MicroMD EMR, improves workflow and quality of care
Henry Schein MicroMD
“Now I see every lab, every X-ray, every consult note. With the EMR, it’s faster and easier to review a chart or enter a reminder for my assistant. I can access records from home when I get a call from the local ER. I feel like we’re absolutely able to deliver higher-quality care.” Stephen H. Mascio, D.O. Family Practitioner ORGANIZATION The family practice of Stephen H. Mascio, D.O., ...
Solution Closeup
Vital Interaction
Doctor running late again? There goes today’s schedule! Since they’re often without notice, these disruptions can cost healthcare practices a fortune in rescheduled appointments and patient complaints. With Vital Interaction’s Emergency Notifications, you can alert multiple patients immediately and from anywhere of delays and emergencies via text, email, or voice with just a couple of clicks on ...
Discrete Dictation Improves Clinical Work Flow
The healthcare industry is working aggressively to embrace the Electronic Health Record (EHR). Monetary incentives abound for those who embrace the technologies that promise to improve the quality of patient care, reduce errors and, hopefully, reduce costs along the way. The financial impacts, promoted weekly on Capitol Hill as a key initiative in righting the ship that is sinking our healthcare ...
Case Study: Orthopaedic EMR
ChartLogic, Inc.
Reconstructive Hand Surgeons of Indiana recognized the need early on to implement an EMR and digital imaging. The practice realized enormous benefits immediately and recouped its investment within two years.‘‘ChartLogic had the finest voice-recognition module, which was integrated into the EMR, so that voice could be incorporated in the record at any time without needing to cut and paste,’ said ...

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CEP America’s Culture of Collaboration CEP America MacNeal Hospital's CEO and ER Manager discuss how CEP's culture of collaboration was key to the transformation of their Berwyn, IL emergency department.
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