Welcome to JAZD Healthcare Insights. I’m Jeff Kelly and I’ll be covering the healthcare beat for JAZD Markets. The goal of this blog is to provide you, healthcare buyers, with the information you need to make educated and confident purchasing decisions.

For those of you new to JAZD, here’s how it works. Vendors, or sellers, use JAZD as a marketplace to provide up-to-date product information, access customer feedback, and fine-tune their wares to your requirements. Buyers use JAZD as a place to find market news and product information to help them do their jobs better throughout all aspects of the buying process.

For my part, I’ll be covering all manner of healthcare products and services, from electronic health records and clinical data management systems to medical transcription services, practice management software, and much more. I am committed to providing you with only the most relevant, accurate, and actionable information to help you make the best buying decisions.

Think of this blog as a communications platform. I’m just the moderator. The most important participants are you – the buyers — and the healthcare vendors – the sellers. Ultimately, you are the ones that know the healthcare business best and I’m here to enable direct discussions between buyers and sellers.

To do that, here you’ll find product reviews, industry news, and other healthcare-related information to get the conversations started. Where they go from there is up to you! So don’t be shy. I encourage you to check the blog and post comments regularly. The more you interact with one another, the better informed you’ll be and the better buying decisions you’ll make.

Your needs drive the topics and hot-button issues I’ll be covering, so please let me know what areas are of the most interest to you. You can email me at jkelly@jazdmarkets.com, follow me on Twitter at @JAZDHealthcare, or, even better, post your thoughts in the comments section where your peers can also weigh in.

I look forward to hearing from all of you.

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